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Balenciaga - Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash
Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday from Unsplash

In recent years, the label with Spanish roots has experienced a real resurrection. Under the creative direction of Demna Gvasalia and with its cooperation, such as 2020 in the form of the "The Hacker Project" with Gucci, confused and provoked Balenciaga at the same time with prints and the large names of the company name. The popular pockets of the motocross collection, which caused a sensation at the beginning of the 2000s, also experience a revival and have only recently been reissued again. Nicolas Ghesquière’s designs were the IT bags of the hour in 2001 and not only found fans quickly under stars and starlets. Well -preserved originals from these still very close years of the first publication are also popular objects of desire. Since many traders with these bags often offer only supposed originals at offer prices, it is advisable to buy outside a Balenciaga store with the frame data of a real Balenciaga motocross Bag too busy:

1. Form & material:

One of the first characteristics of bags of the Motocross Series is the leather used. Real bags are made of coated leather that has a crushed look and at the same time shows a fine shine. Until 2007, goat leather was used for the bags. Since then, calf leather has been used at Balenciaga. Counterfeits are often made of cheaper smooth leather, which neither has the said shine nor has the soft handle of both types of leather. Often the selected colors with the original Balenciaga color catalog do not match. The types of leather used are characterized by a soft case in the case of original bags. Falsifications are often stiffer and are made of firmer leather varieties, a wrinkle of the Bag is not that possible in this case. The same applies to the tassels details and the leather straps used: these should be in color and softness to the outer leather of the Bag correspond and be characterized by a soft case.

2. Henkel & belt:

The Henkel and Belt new Balenciaga Motocross Bags are never delivered in plastic film. Likewise, the leather also offers high durability with high flexibility and should neither be stiff nor deformations. The handles real Motocross Bags are also made from "Sueded Leather", that due to its roughened structure of the rest of the Bag lifts. The leather has no additional coating here and grants a soft grip.

3. The seams:

The seams of the pockets are the result of precision work. In the case of a real Balenciaga Motocross you will not find interrupted and continued seams. The seam curve is also very precise and has an even distance from the outer edges.

4. The hardware:

The bags from Balenciaga’s Motocross Series have its own design language, which lives from your straps and its rivet trim. The rivets of the bags until 2005 have a round and slightly convex (curved on the outside) form. Since then, the rivets of real pockets of the label have been wearing notches. Consists are often carelessly carelessly and their plagiarism provide angular or only flat notches. A further indication of an original are the eyelets to the belts. These should have a flat, roundly organic shape in the upper area and have a carabiner hook as a counterpart. Figures often have simpler solutions in a different form or partly the same components in the upper and lower area. Hardware variants are officially offered by Balenciaga:

Rh= Regular hardware (made from brass)

Fbh= Flat brass hardware (the oldest variant, today hardly in circulation)

PH= Pewter hardware (bags from 2003 - 2004)

RGGH G21= Rose Gold Giant Hardware

GSH/SGH G21= Silver Giant Hardware

Gch = Giant covered hardware (leather -coated metal)

G12= Giant 12 Hardware

In addition, the hardware is available in the three different sizes "Classic", "Giant", and "Covered". Balenciaga has not produced bags with rose golden hardware since the 2013 season. In addition, the production of the Silver Giant hardware was discontinued and replaced by the Giant 12 variant.

5. The zipper:

Bags of the Spanish label often come with a zipper from the Lampo brand. The lettering is on the underside of the zipper in the form of a character. Figures are mostly provided with a NO name zipper. If a characteristics are unclean or left the impression of being added afterwards, it could be a fake. Some counterfeits on the counterfeit zipper bear an underlying "R" character that does not have original lampo. A special case is pockets from 2010: Copies with rose golden hardware were made with no lampo zipper, since the manufacturer could not offer a solution in the popular color at that time. Since 2014, bags of the label have had a solution that is customized for the brand on their zippers in the form of a embossed "B" instead of mentioning the manufacturer.

6. The interior:

The outer zip compartments of the bags have had leather in the Upper Beriech since 2005. So if you have a Balenciaga Bag After this date, no canvas should be visible at first glance, as this is only used in the lower area at the level of the inner compartments. Bags of the Motocross Incidentally, series comes with a small mirror with a leather strap in the interior of the Bag can be attached. These mirrors have a coating from the same leather as the rest of the Bag And should have the same, high processing quality.

7. The day:

Real Balenciaga bags have a shield in the interior that shows the name of the label and also a serial number. There are different solutions here at Balenciaga, which have changed over the years. Most of the models have been provided with signs made of real sterling silver since 2001 to 2008. The signs of bags from this time also have a "925" stamp, which calls the silver content of the silver used. Sterling silver therefore consists of 925 out of 1000 parts of silver, which a small proportion is added. However, the signs have been made from a nickel alloy since 2008. A special case with the exception of the models CityRidgeWork and Weekend, The bags of the Motorcross Row: You come with a leather shield that shows a Balenciaga embossing on the front. On the back of this day it has Bag A code that provides information about the season of publication and also gives a model -related serial number.

8. Datacodes, blind stamps & certificates:

The first line of the shield or label gives the name of the Spanish couturier in the form "", until 2005 this was done in the form "Balenciaga_Paris". The code provides information about the leather spa and the exact style number of the Bag. In addition, this code has a letter in the middle of the entire code, which provides information about the year of manufacture and even the exact season. The counting of the seasons is alphabetical and backwards. Before the F/W 2003 season, however, no letter was used for the exact award of the manufacturing year. Following a list of the letters necessary for the exact age determination:


F/w 2017


S/S 2010


 S/s 2017


F/w 2009


F/w 2016


S/S 2009


S/s 2016


F/w 2008


F/w 2015


S/S 2008


S/S 2015


F/w 2007


F/w 2014


S/S 2007


S/S 2014


F/w 2006


F/w 2013


S/S 2006


S/s 2013


F/w 2005


F/w 2012


S/S 2005


S/s 2012


F/w 2004


F/w 2011


S/S 2004


S/s 2011


F/w 2003


F/w 2010


S/S 2003

If you are still worried or have any questions, we will be happy to help you. We also offer the opportunity to check your bags for authenticity in the house. Simply sit down with us via e-mail Or like to contact you by phone, hopefully we can also clear up the last doubts about the authenticity of your piece of jewelry.

You can also find more information about our service here. :)

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