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They needed a Louis Vuitton classic from Monogram Canvas or acquired from a questionable source and are not sure whether this is with this Bag Is an original? We would like to help with our experiences and the specialist knowledge gained from answering this question. And ultimately hopefully dissolve your doubts. Bags such as the classics of the Noé series or Louis Vuitton’s Evergreens Speedy, Neverfull, and Keepall are also sought -after objects and can be worthwhile as second -hand purchases. Many Louis Vuitton bags are made of the legendary Monogram Canvas and have brown caps from Vachetta leather, which darken over time and thus offer a particularly charismatic look together with partially tired hardware. To make sure that your new acquisition is now also a real Louis Vuitton Bag we have listed the most relevant points following:

1. The material:

The famous Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags Do not consist of leather, but made of linen coated with vinyl. The surface is rather matt, very flexible and has a light structure. In the event of counterfeits, the material is often glossy (plastic), rigid and rough. On closer inspection, it turns out that the mustard -yellow monogram is applied in line with a line from bottom left. In the event of counterfeits, the monogram or the flower is usually applied smoothly, irregularly and/or in small dots. Counterfeits can also be recognized by the coloring: they often look slightly reddish instead of yellowish. The monogram is symmetrically appropriate: This is particularly noticeable on seams: If avoidable - the "LV" is never cut. In the case of asymmetrical bags, such as the "Petit Bucket" or the "SAC shopping" is this not possible.

That Multicolore monogram or “Multicolor named, was designed in 2003 by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami And consists of 33 different colors, which are available on white or on a black background. Louis Vuitton bags in these color variants also have their peculiarities in the interior:

-> Louis vuitton bags in Multicolor Blanc are always laid out in a red, almost wine red.

-> Louis vuitton bags in Multicolor Noir are always designed with a dark gray alcantara leather inside.

Falsifications of the real Louis Vuitton Multicolor pattern often consist only of 5-6 colors, so it is not very difficult to recognize a plagiarism.

2. The seams:

The seams of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags have a very own mustard yellow color, this precise color does not have many counterfeits. It comes from the beeswax with which the Louis Vuitton yarn is covered. The wax contributes to the high durability Louis Vuitton bags at. Individual colored models in EPI leather have seams which sound in sound with the EPI leather are coordinated or black. Real Louis Vuitton bags are characterized by perfect workmanship. So there are no crooked seams, knotted threads, crooked neated labels or something in the way.

3. The leather parts:

The handle and leather parts of one Louis Vuitton Bag consist of untreated cowhide, which darkens through rain, sun and everyday use (patinated). In the event of counterfeits, the leather parts usually remain light and/or are made of sheep leather, which can already be identified on the (strict) smell. The ends/edges of the leather parts and handles are colored. In the event of counterfeits, these edges are often bright, orange, double -colored or not colored at all.

4. Logo & Hotstamping:

This print must be at least once on a real Louis Vuitton Bag happen (Exception Vintage/Secondhand Bags, Sometimes the Hotstamp. e.g. "Bucket", "Papillon" and "Marceau"). The spelling (Louis Vuitton on one side or on both pockets) can be used depending on the age of the Bag be different. Older bags from the early 1980s have other characteristics that differ compared to new bags. Differences in production technology make some of these older pockets look somewhat different, but ultimately these differences are due to technical progress and no way is an exclusion feature for authenticity. The "pressure" is (mostly punched in the leather/punched dance) on wallets or individual colored pockets EPI leather but also stamped. It is always in the middle, there are no expired edges or crooked orientations. However, the orientation (looking to the right or left) and the font may differ.

5. Louis Vuitton DATACODE & Model number:

Every Louis Vuitton Bag has an individual model number.This is simply a kind of serial number / article number and indicates e.g. "SAC Noé Monogram PM". The numbers usually start with an "M", followed by five digits, for example M53151. This number is on the Bag Not to be found on the invoice. This number is also given on the Louis Vuitton page for the respective models (Ref). Louis Vuitton Datacodes began to introduce from the early 1980s. From 1990, these usually consist of two letters (or A1/A2), followed by four digits. The two letters mark the Bag was produced.

  • Made in France: A1, A2, an, ar, ao, AS, AC, BA, BJ, CA, CT, DU, FL, FR, LW, MB, Wed, NO, ND, RA, RI, SD, SL, SN, SP, Th, VI, VR
  • Made in U.S.A: FH, FF, OS, SD
  • Made in Spain: CA, LB, LM, LO
  • Made in Italy: Sat, MA

The 4 digits mark when a Louis Vuitton Bag was produced:

  • The first and third digits stand for the month, the second and fourth digit for the year in which the Bag was produced.

  • So the first number must be one or zero, the second one nine, zero or one, the third one or two, the fourth a zero to nine.

  • With completely new Louis Vuitton bags, the digits of the first and third number result in the calendar week of the production and no longer, as described here, the calendar month.

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With this knowledge we can quickly read out the code above and know that this Louis Vuitton Bag in calendar week 44 of 2008 in France.

If you are still worried or have any questions, we will be happy to help you. We also offer the opportunity to check your bags for authenticity in the house. Simply sit down with us via e-mail Or like to contact you by phone, hopefully we can also clear up the last doubts about the authenticity of your piece of jewelry.

You can also find more information about our service here.

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