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Gifts - Photo by Amy T on Pexels
Those who gave correctly give you a double joy! / Photo by Amy T on Pexels

Christmas is around the corner. The picture of the dreamy Christmas season gives way to the last week before Christmas at the latest when the late walk into crowded pedestrian zones puts the Neven on the sample. Probably the one who ordered his booklet in time and all gifts ready. But how do I give happily and save disappointment and exchange? The following points apply to the entire fashion area, due to our proximity to handbags, we will lead examples from this field. which Bag So should I give my wife or partner now? Of course, singles, loosely partnerships and even recipients can also follow our ideas for a perfect gift. Using our filter in the shop, it is possible to filter according to color, handle type, price and also via our collections. Following a few thoughts about this that will simplify your search for the perfect gift.

1. Which designer is the right one?

Anyone who is thinking about buying a luxury handbag is one of the fashion -more members of our society anyway. Choosing the right designer can play an important role. It is best to find out in a conversation about the preferences of the one to be presented, for which label the heart beats the most. Each label has its own long history and stands for a certain style. We include the following designers Secondhandbags:

Buying guideBalenciaga

The label with Spanish roots has experienced a real rebirth in recent years. So the legendary pockets of the Motocross Row, only released recently. There were also some cooperation, even with competitor Gucci yourself, instead. Furthermore, the label focuses on bags that stand for a modern style with flat logoprints.

Some of our most beautiful Balenciaga bags:

Buying guideBottega Veneta

Especially the bags from Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato Many fans have a collection. The bags of the house have details made of braided leather or are made entirely in the popular Intrecciato braided technology. The extraordinary bags of the Pouch and Knot Series, like all bags of the house, do without the larger mention of the label and with their shape alone have a high recognition value. Pure understatement. The conservative bags of the Arco and Padded cassette Series also have their own look and are among the most beautiful pockets in the house. Both take up the image of the Intrecciato braided technology and interpret it in a flat variant.

Some of our most beautiful Bottega Veneta bags:

Buying guideBurberry

Especially Burberry’s Bags from the different, checkered check variants make the crown as a single piece of all kinds. The original House Check Canvas has been enriched by a few more sample variants over the years. The elegant handbags of the leather house are often simple in their shape and are also a timeless partner for the trench coat in London rainy weather.

Some of our most beautiful Burberry bags:

Buying guideCeline

One of the best known bags of the house are Celine’s bags from the Luggage series. the Bag often come in a tricolor color variant made of suede and smooth leather. The bags have curved lines for the typical luggage look and a zipper compartment on the front. The bags from theClassic Box series Symbolically stand for their way and despite their reduced form, they have a high recognition value. A real original!

Some of our most beautiful Celine bags:

Buying guideChanel

The legendary designs of the legendary Coco Chanel still stand for a maximum of exclusivity. the Chanel Classic single and Double flap bags belong to the most sought -after pockets! The popular bags Caviar leatherstill grant a high level of shape after years and are known for their robustness. Pure elegance exude Chanel's Grand Shopper Tote Bags, short GST. You are the perfect one Shopper With the largest possible portion of elegance.

Some of our most beautiful Chanel bags:

Buying guideDior

Dior stands for French elegance of first quality. Christian Dior founded his company in 1947. Later, none other than Yves Saint Laurent steered the creative fortunes of the house. One of the best known bags of the label is the legendary Lady Dior in their different variants and sizes. More young classics are the bags of the Diorama and the J’adior Row. John Galliano’s Dior Saddle Bag is still one of the most popular bags in the house. Of theSac de Jour puts a nice variant Prada'S Bags of the Galleria collection and similar models. As the name promises, the bags represent a reliable partner for every day. In general, dior’s belong Cannage Steppung and the Oblique Canvas One of the most beautiful and sought -after material variants.

Some of our most beautiful dior bags:

Buying guideFendi

Karl Lagerfeld held the Italian label around the Fendi Sisters a full 54 years. He also designed the logo of two in each other, which Fendi’s Zucca and Zucchino Canvas adorned in sample form. Initially, the company made a name for itself with exclusive furs. The pockets Fendi’s 2jours series Stand for a special elegance with its metal frame at the upper opening and its graceful shape. Perfect for everyone who appreciate Italian elegance and search for something extraordinary.

Some of our most beautiful Fendi bags:

Buying guideGucci

Gucci has some rows that have an exceptional radiance and a long history. Probably the best known bags of the house include the bags of the Jackie serieswho wear their name in honor of the former US President Wife Jackie Kennedy and shine with their striking closures. The bags of the Marmont Series are mostly made of quilted leather and shine with their GG details. The bags of the Ophidia Series have a special, likeable character with their caps from striped wovenband. Also the classics of the Bamboo series can be seen with their details from real bamboo at first glance.

Some of our most beautiful Gucci bags:

Buying guideHermes

The well -known bags Birkin and Kelly The Hermès house belongs to the absolute extra class in their field. The bags bear the name of famous actresses and have now become legends themselves. Hermès is known for its exclusive leather varieties and the extraordinary detailed work in the manufacture of the bags. Other known bags of the house are, for example, the small crossbody pockets of the Constance series.

Some of our most beautiful Hermès bags:

Buying guideLouis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s series of pocket models that have been published over the years is long. The pockets of the label still stand for a special, own look and are currently exusing inMonogram canvas Wrapped up for a playful elegance. Also bags Monogram empted leather Wear the legendary pattern in the form of a character. Leather types like the enjoyableTaurillon leather speak a more reserved language and only reveal your origin through the hardware. Evergreens of the house includes the pockets of the SpeedNeverfullAlma andKeepall series. Countless variants andSpecial editions This has also been created over the years.

Some of our most beautiful Louis Vuitton bags:

Buying guidePrada

Prada stands for Italian elegance and craftsmanship like probably no second labels. Especially the reduced pockets Prada’s Galleria and Twin Pocket Series represent an elegant panta in everyday life. The pockets Prada’s Tessuto series stand for an elegant, airy style and are made from mostly black Nyon canvas. In a variety of shapes, the pockets of the Bag With the many outfit and still have an elegant note with their shiny logo details. The pockets Prada’s Cahier series are small works of art and with their diary form and its richness of detail have the most beautiful evening pockets of the home.

Some of our most beautiful Prada bags:

Buying guideSalvatore Ferragamo

Already opened in 1923 Salvatore Ferragamo His first shop for exclusive footwear in Hollywood, Los Angelees. After first successes and his return to his homeland, he founded his first store in Italy in Florence in 1927. In the course of the following years, the Sukesive offer was expanded, the rest is a success story. One of the best known elements is that Gancini Symbol that is often used on hardware and fabrics.

Some of our most beautiful Ferragamo bags:

Buying guideYves Saint Laurent

After his apprenticeship at Christian Dior The mode evolutionary Yves Saint Laurent founded his own label. The first collections were already a complete success. The French house stands for an elegant, timeless style, glossy YSL monograms like to decorate the pockets. The bags of the house are among the most sought -after pockets of the house KateSunset, Also prospective classics of the now set Chyc Ligne still have an enormous radiance.

Some of our most beautiful YSL bags:

Buying guideValentino

Valentino stands for Italian elegance with that certain something. The bags of the Rockstud series Having a rivet stock, gladly around the upper opening or on other leather details. The offer ranges from Crossbodybags Until practical Tote Bag. The company was founded in 1960 by fashion designer Valentino Garavani and still has a large number of fans.

Some of our most beautiful Valentino bags:

2. Our collections at Secondhandbags!

With our collections you have a direct overview of compilations designed by us. We include the following collections Secondhandbags:


The best known and most sought -after bags make it into this selection. You will find the biggest next to it: Louis Vuitton’s Classic of the Speed, Neverfull and Keeper are just a few examples. Also bags like Dior’s iconicLady Dior, Gucci’s mostly sought -after pockets and of course the sought -afterChanel Classics Find your way into this selection

Limited Editions

Special & Limited Editions find their place in this selection. Especially Louis Vuitton is known for his cooperation with artists and the resulting, exceptional results. Gucci has also developed prints over the years, which the ideas of artists on the leather one Bag magic.


Bags that are older than 20 years are led by us in a vintage collection. With some pockets, age cannot be determined exactly, but for example the code of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès bags To be read out and provides information over the month and year of production. Who looking for one Louis Vuitton classic from Monogram Canvas With browned Vachetta leather, is just right here.

Weekly Deals

In our Weekly Deals We offer a new selection of bags every week at a reduced price. Here, too, we rely on a healthy mix and offer a high quality offer and a varied picture. Stay with our Newsletter And receive the first notifications for our latest offers.

Some of our current Weekly Deals:

3. What color should the Bag to have?

Many people have a special favorite color. This color stands over all trends and is of course always a good choice to play it safe when giving. Likewise, many people move in a color world that is typical of them.

If you don't have a problem with strong colors, you can also grab bags in a somewhat stronger blue or green. However, it is important to be mindful, many people are starting to shy away from strong colors, so no trend helps. These are well advised with covered colors.

It is also helpful to know whether the wardrobe is more filled with black accessories or brown accessories: with black or brown as an accent color, you rarely lie completely wrong. Many people have a preference here. Especially with an expensive Bag Make sense to take care so that the most beautiful combinations are possible, to match the personal favorite outfits!

4. How big should that Bag be?

Bags come in all conceivable shapes and variants. The reason for the one is important Bag is determined. For example, the perfect everyday pocket can be determined more precisely if you know how many objects are on average on board on average. Messenger Bags and Boston bags usually offer a nice space, Louis Vuitton's Speedys are a timeless example and still justify their success today.

Also Backpacks are an exciting option. The look is usually quite playful, the suitability for everyday use is out of question. Gucci’s Bamboo backpacks or Louis Vuitton’s Small variants of the Montsouris and the Palm Springs Series belong to the most popular in their field.

Will a Bag worn to celebrate occasions are often small, elegant Crossbodybags A nice choice. Of course, less fits in them, but the most important thing also finds its place here.

Wallet on Chains are another round smaller, but offer the advantage of owning a zipper compartment for coin money and plug -in compartments for cards. This makes it superfluous to carry a classic wallet.

Not a little? Not correct. Clutch Bags represent an option for everyone who likes to have everything under control. The bags are run in the hand, but also come in larger sizes, as required. These bags are a nice option, especially for evening outputs. Larger variants, such as, such asLouis Vuitton’s bags from thePochette seriesthat enable documents, tablet, laptop, etc. The Balenciaga’s Motocross series also have an extraordinary look with their zip compartments and their stocking from rivets.

Many of our pockets also offer more than one wearing option: some can Shopper and Top handle bags can also be easily led over the shoulder with a removable shoulder strap.

If you like to be on the road, you will probably also have your joy on a weekend or another travel bag. The pockets are one of the absolute classics Louis Vuitton’s Keepall series. But also the bags Celine’s Macadam Canvas Give an extraordinary picture on the platform or suitcase tape!

One of the most sought -after formats of our days is certainly that Tote BAG/Shopped Bag. The pockets are among the most beautiful and most sought -after examples Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull series. But bags of other labels also have this suitable for shopping, the simple variants of YSL and Prada Bring the right portion of elegance for such excursions. The pockets from Chanel’s promise maximum chic GST Row. “GST” stands for “Grand Shopper Tote", The name says it all. Currently at Caviar leather Very popular and extremely robust.

If you are looking for something very special, you can Hermès Birkin orKelly or also one Chanel Classic Set the right sign under the Christmas tree. The bags of both French fashion houses are among the pockets with the greatest radiance.

5. How much is that Bag costs?

When giving it is advisable not only to pay attention to the price. The heart is giving away, and if it beats for someone special, the price should not play too big.

You can find bags in different price regions Secondhandbags. The planned budget can also be calculated using the price filter in the shop and thus exclusively displayed bags in the targeted price segment.

If your own wallet sets a limit, ours are alsoWeekly Deals A look worth: Here there are also percentage of a weekly alternating offer.

Now we wish him a lot of fun browsing and hope to be able to give a few help with our tips.If you cannot currently find the dream bag with us, please contact us.With our Personal Shopper You can also give us a targeted search order to find your dream bag!

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