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Louis Vuitton
Photo by Tarkek Shahin von Pexels

The list of Louis Vuitton models over the years is long. The models of the French fashion house always have their own name: In some models, it was inspired by the claim to be able to be taken away on trips and excursions, as is also the case with the Louis Vuitton classics of the Neverfull, Keepall and Packall rows. In others, the inspiration of people or historical places comes, so there are also models whose names clearly have a different origin. In this Secondhandbags Blog articles we immerse yourself in the imaginative world of Louis Vuitton.

1. Louis Vuitton Marilyn:

This Bag Is a superstar and Also hear the name of one of the most famous Hollywood sizes of all time: Marilyn Monroe.The film icon was born in Los Angeles in 1926 and soon managed to win the film scene in the neighboring hills of Hollywood with its charisma. As a pop icon of the 50s, she was also a fashionable inspiration for an entire generation in her films. Posthumously lent her first name of the Louis Vuitton Marilyn Shoulder bag made from Monogram Multicolor Canvas. Today the bags are a sought -after youngtimer with the right portion of shine. The pockets have curved caps from Vachetta leather and a striking, golden sliding closure on the front flap. The bags were made in the black and in the white monogram Multicolor Canva's variant and are already in this form for a very specific Louis Vuitton look. The colorful monogram patterns were created in 2003 by cooperation between the in -house Louis Vuitton Designer with the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and enjoyed great ability from the start. Over the years, the bags have learned further publications in the form of special editions and through the combination with other types of leather.

Photo by USMC Archives on Wikicommons
Where Marilyn Monroe was, the fans were not far: like here during a troop visit to Korea 1954. / Photo by USMC Archives on Wikicommons

2. Louis Vuitton Ursula:

Other superstars under the Louis Vuitton Classics in recent history represent the bags of the Louis Vuitton Ursula series. 1962 as the first bond girl everIn addition to Sean Connery in the James Bond film, James Bond is chasing Dr. No ”in front of the camera and from now on the fashion world as a style icon sustainably shaped. The scene in which it escapes the sea is legendary. The swimwear with belt she worn was picked up again in 2003 in the James Bond filming “Die Die on another day” with Halle Berry. Both would Bag are certainly good! The bags of the Louis Vuitton Ursula Series, like the pockets of the Marilyn series, were made from white and black multicolor monogram canvas. The brown vachetta leather and the golden closure also speak a similar language. In the meantime, bags in the popular, colorful canvas variant of Louis Vuitton are unfortunately no longer offered.

Photo by Unknown (Mondadori publishers) on wikicommons
Actress and style icon Ursula Andress in 1974 as a stewardess Nora in the film "Asphalt cat" (Orig. Title: "Loaded Guns"). / Photo by Unknown (Mondadori publishers) on wikicommons

3. Louis Vuitton Amazon:

The Amazon's electricity is the most water -rich river on earth, which on its journey over a Total length of almost 7000 kilometers irrigated the South American, tropical rainforest and flows into the Atlantic Ocean in the east. To date, it is not completely secured whether the Nile in Africa or not the Amazons are the longest river in the world. In any case, the Amazon stands for untouched forests with exotic flora and fauna and also brings it Myth of the Amazon warriors in remembrance. The bags of the Louis Vuitton Amazone Series convey this picture of strength and adventure. The bags were designed in the Messenger format and made of brown monogram canvas and vachetta leather. They are robust and stylish bags for every day that still have their own charm after years. Over the years, the model received re -publications in the form of unusual special editions, as last in 2021 under the creative direction of Virgil Abloh and during the collaboration with the Japanese artist Nigo.

Photo by Mário Oliveira on Wikicommons
The Amazon also supplies the city and the surrounding area of ​​Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazon. / Photo by Mário Oliveira on Wikicommons

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4. Louis Vuitton Danube:

The Danube, the Danube River English, is the second largest stream of the European continent according to the Volga in Russia. He touches or runs through 10 countries on his way. This is record. The Danube rises in the Black Forest in southern Germany and flows into the Black Sea over the Danube Delta. The capitals of Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade are located on the banks of the river. The bags of the Louis Vuitton Danube Like their nearby relatives of the Amazon series Messenger Bags, they represent the most important objects carried on an expedition over the entire river length of 2857 kilometers. Monogram Canvas and Vachetta leather cows create a classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Look.

Photo by lys3rg0 on wikicommons
The Danube flows through several European countries and also forms boundaries between them, as here between Romania and Serbia. / Photo by lys3rg0 on wikicommons

5. Louis Vuitton Trevi:

With its size and impressive structure, the Trevi Brunnen in Rome offers a monumental sight. The fountain is considered a masterpiece of the baroque And is still often used as a scene in the film and for photo shoots. The materials used are travertine from Tivoli and marble from Carrara. The stinging water plays around a rocky landscape with mythical creatures, over which Oceanus, the Greek god of all water flows of the world, is enthroned. The bags from the Louis Vuitton Trevi Series are offered in three sizes and in all three classic canvas variants. The rarest are specimens made of white Damier Azur Canvas. With their laid folds, a rounded shape and exhibited pages, the bags represent a classic companion for every day. A removable shoulder strap also offers the opportunity to carry the bags over the shoulder.

Photo by Jebulon on Wikicommons
The Trevi Brunnen in Rome belongs to the most popular sights in the city and often served as a scene for the film and for shootings. / Photo by Jebulon on Wikicommons

6. Louis Vuitton Tivoli:

The Italian cityTivoli is not far from the capital RomeAnd already offered the right place for his gigantic property, the Villa Adriana, the Roman Emperor Hadrian with his waterfalls in the 2nd century AD. To date, the city is visited because of the romantic natural spectacle and also its ruins by artists. The pockets Louis Vuitton’s Tivoli Series pay homage to this place of inspiration and were manufactured in the size PM and GM and all three classic canvas variants. The bags have a shape similar to that of the latter bags from Louis Vuitton’s Trevi series with a fold and narrow leather cows around the upper opening. In contrast to these, the bags come without an additional shoulder strap and represent classic handbags.

The area around Tivoli has always inspired people with their nature. The ruins of the villa of the Roman emperor Hadrian are still a popular destination. / Photo by Fabien Maurin on Unsplash
The area around Tivoli has always inspired people with their nature. The ruins of the villa of the Roman emperor Hadrian are still a popular destination. / Photo by Daderot on wikicommons

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