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Coco Chanel
The Eiffel Tower in Paris

It is not for nothing that Paris is considered a fashion metropolis in the world. No other important artists have lived in any other city, including the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. Their name is inextricably linked to the city. Since Gabrielle Coco Chanel spent a large part of her life in Paris, she naturally also knew the best places that are worth exploring. In the following Paris Travel Guide, we introduce you to these places and also explain how Coco Chanel has often spent her days.

1. The Ritz Hotel Paris:

Our first stop is the iconic Parisian Ritz Hotel. Coco Chanel lived here for 37 years, made her room entirely to her own and decorated it after her disadvantage. The named after her Chanel Suite can be booked today for 7500 euros per night. A proud price, but Coco Chanel shouldn't be able to get closer today. The thought alone seems fascinating. The hotel is by the way Located on Place Vendôme. From the hotel you can watch this place particularly carefully, actually he offered Chanel Inspiration for the form of your famous perfume Chanel No.5.If you place the rectangular flacon of the perfume and the lid over the floor plan of the square, you can see clear similarities in its shape.

The Ritz Hotel in Paris

2. The apartment in 31 Rue Cambon:

The Rue Cambon street in the heart of Paris is also just a few meters from the Place Vendôme and the Location of your apartment. This place has a lot of history. Finally, the designer also opened her first own fashion boutique in Paris on this street. Chanel acquired the entire building over time. Unfortunately, your former rooms are not available for visitors in the form of a museum. However, we still find that this place is definitely worth seeing, especially for fans of Coco Chanel. Just because of the Chanel Business on the ground floor. So here can be both the latest Chanel Advising creations as well as to empathize how a daily walk through this Paris road must have felt for Coco Chanel.

The apartment in 31 Rue Cambon

3. The Théâtre des Champs Élysées:

The next pin on our Paris city map leads us to the world -famous Théâtre of the Champs Élysées. Chanel was known to be very interested in art and of course fashion, but also in the theater.

The designer is passionate about here Theater performances andOpera visited. She also liked to take care of her friends, such as composer Igor Stravinsky. With her financial support, she helped him a performance.

The fashion designer Even the costumes for the ballet piece "Le Train Bleu" The Ballet's Russes, one of the most important ballet ensembles of the 20th century. The piece celebrated its premiere on June 20, 1924 and represented a collaboration between several artists. The curtain of the stage was presented by a picture of Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel was responsible for the equipment inspired by Sports and Swimming Wear. At that time, the actual "Train Bleu" (German train) brought guests to the picturesque Mediterranean coast in an exclusive framework from Calais and served as the title and inspiration for the concept of performance. Even today, the Paris Theater offers a comprehensive program, so a visit is worthwhile.

Théâtre des Champs Élysées

4. The Angelina tea room:

One of the most popular tea rooms all over Paris, not wrong. The business has a long tradition and has existed for about 110 years. Coco Chanel also often visited this facility and enjoyed the delicious hot chocolate, Mont Blancs and the conversations with the guests. Maybe the best creative ideas came here, surrounded by the scent of all kinds of tea types and fresh pastries.


5. Le Grand Palais:

In this magnificent palace, Coco Chanel issued its designs even then. Today, this museum is an absolute must, especially for fashion -savvy people in Paris. During the semi -annual Paris fashion week it will be Even today used for the presentations of the Chanel collections. The building itself has an amazing architecture with a large glass ceiling and elaborate design. With a height of up to 44m and an exhibition area of 5000m2 inside the building leaves a lasting impression and today offers an impressive address for changing exhibitions with its premises.

Grand Palais

6. The Museum of Fashion and Textile:

This museum is located in the center of Paris and is part of the Louvrepalast. Like the Museum of Advertising, the museum is looked after by the French, non -profit organization "Les Arts Décoratifs". This association is committed to promoting the decorative arts. Hardly any museum comprises as many exciting, historical objects as this. The whole Collection includes more than 5000 exhibitsthat are worth seeing in any case. For fashion enthusiasts in particular, the museum offers an exciting view of the past and makes fashion and also understandable its historically different manufacturing processes.

The Museum of Fashion and Textile

7. Le Grand Véfour:

In order to end the evening in a stylish way, a table reservation at Le Grand Véfour is recommended. The elegant restaurant in the Belle Epoque style was awarded 3 Michelin stars and belonged to one of Chanel's favorite bars in Paris. For the first time, the renowned restaurant was opened in 1784 and is often First "Grand Restaurant" in Paris designated. Over the years, the Bühne restaurant has been for stars, hardly a French asterisk that did not already dine here.

Le Grand Véfour

A trip to the city of love is always an option. People who have a feeling for fashion, art and history will inevitably return from a trip with fresh ideas. By train, Paris can now be reached from many central train stations in a manageable time and ecologically justifiable. A stay of at least three days is recommended because the range of activities and the abundance of concentrated history can quickly overwhelm. And there should also be time to relax.

So let yourself be inspired by Coco Chanel's favorite, we hope that these Paris addresses are as fascinating and invigorating for you as you must have been for the legendary Coco Chanel!

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