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What is vintage?
Photo by Anne R from Pexels

Anyone who takes a look at smaller streets in the scene of the large European cities will not be unknown to the picture. Small boutiques with high -priced designer fashion offer individual pieces and often a pleasant climate and plenty of space for inspiration compared to a new acquisition. The Vintage Chique has arrived in the middle of society and even became an integral part of a large economic market volume. But if there is talk of fashion and design of "vintage" in the world, what does this term mean and how does it differentiate himself from the terms "antique" and "retro"?We hereby get to the bottom of all these questions and even more.

What is "vintage"?

If you want to make an effort to explain the term "vintage" and to differentiate from names such as "retro" and "antique", you quickly find that this is not so easy. The definitions are partly flowing, however, you summarize them, some key points can be assigned to the expressions.

The term vintage is probably derived from the use in wine sciencewhere vintage refers to the vintage or the reading of a wine. A vintage wine is a vintage wine of high quality, which has been produced in a certain year and can be stored for several years to improve it. Vintage is commonly used today to describe clothing, jewelry and also furniture that are not new, especially if they are a good example of a style of the past. For example, an object should be representative for the time in order to be regarded as a dignified vintage item. The market price of vintage furniture, for example, is not determined by age alone, but also depends on demand and, above all, availability. Vintage furniture is usually used as an accent in the design of rooms. One should not be out of the question that depending on the exact definition, objects before 2000 are also referred to as vintage before 2000. Here, too, the objects are mostly of high quality and lasting value and of course representative for your time.

While this definition must be more than 20 years old, in the case of handbags in the case ofChanel Already spoken of vintage bags from the years before 2008.

Another known model that finds its way into many vintage collections, for example Christian Dior's Lady Dior that, which bears its name in honor of the then Princess of Wales and came onto the market for the first time in 1994. The legendary Bag Is so closely linked to this personality that models can still bear their names and the memory of them can continue.

The Monogram Canvas of Louis Vuitton. The legendary pattern of the French specialist for high -quality leather goods is still stylish in the world of luxury and one of the best -known status symbols with a high recognition value. For the first time it found the legendary in 1932 Louis Vuitton Neo Noé its use. the Bag was designed to transport several champagne bottles, and the smaller models of the still in production are also guided by it Noé Series. Older bags that were made from this material still represent objects of desire and are traded at high prices.

The best known example of vintage luxury handbags, which are even regarded as a value system, are likely to be the most famous models ofHermes be. Kelly and Birkin Bags still have an immense radiance and a strong connection into the time in which they came onto the market. The names of the models alone suggest a journey through time in the jet set life of the 60s and 70s. Today these bags are traded at high prices that have long since left the original purchase price.

A clear vintage trend developed at the beginning of the 21st century.Whether original 70s furniture or fashion from the 80’s, the demand for these objects rose rapidly. The shrill colors and the unique design language of these decades came back into fashion and so objects from this time developed into sought -after trophies for flea market hunters.

What is "retro"?

The retro wave was also inspired by this. The term retro can be delimited from vintage by picking up certain details and even getting traces of use. These objects are not really old, but "made on old". Nevertheless, or not least because of this, these products are still in high demand and exude vintage charm without having to be old or expensive. Re -publications and modifications of classics are also assigned to the retro category.

Retro handbags are also currently being offered in different price categories.Chanel and Prada seem to be the template providers of the hour. If Chanel Flap or Prada Galleria, Anyone who knows the originals will recognize their relatives in the relevant fashion houses. But even the large brands themselves are not afraid to take a look at the in -house archives. So delivers Gucci Regular editions with elements of legendary models, the best known and most versatile seems to Gucci Jackie to be with their different editions. Also Prada Make in with his Tessuto Re-Editions to the success of the early 2000s. The turn of the millennium is currently almost exactly the border, from which inspiration for retro designs are taken.

What is "antique"?

Ultimately, there is still a demarcation to the term "antique".This processing also describes objects from the past. According to experts, these should be at least 100 years old. Antiques are objects, mostly artistic or handicrafts that have this age or beyond. The authentic state of these objects is particularly important to be considered a real antique. Unfortunately, only a few textiles from these distant times have survived to this day. With regard to handbags, however, there is still a few the possibility of discovering Art Nouveau designs from the 1920s in antiquarian bookshops of the previous century.

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