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“Happiness is the secret to all beauty”

Christian Dior was one of the most significant and most successful creatives of his time. The way there was not easy, but his belief in perfection and good design have to be made to that, for which he stands today: Pariser Haute Couture at the highest level. The expression of feminine elegance plays a big role in all designs. So it was already the first of these collections of 1947, which was perceived in public with great, positive echo and soon found their way into the fashionable everyday life. Soon the house became an address of first choice for the stars and asterisks of time. Even today, the "New Look" is iconic and stands for the time he shaped. Short jackets, narrow waist and wide skirts are the recognition features of the designs. One also speaks of the flower smile line. The collection promised hope for a new, better time and reached at the same time known elements from the prewar years. A complete success that should shape the women's fashion of the 50s sustainably. Meanwhile, a proud number of bags in numerous color variants and sizes has also been published, including particularly popular models such as: Lady Dior One of the most famous bags of the brand should be the "Lady Dior" from 1994. She wears her name in honor of the former princess of Wales, Lady Diana. It is said that this model quickly became her favorite pocket after receiving a copy of the wife of the then French President Jaques Chirac. The Lady Dior was designed directed by Gianfranco Ferré. Typical of them and their variants is the striking "Cannage" stem. Saddle Bag The Dior Saddle Bag was designed punctually at the millennium under the creative direction of John Galliano. Who persecuted Sex and The City from the late 1990s, Carrie Bradshaw often carried out this Bag watch. It reminds in her form to a riding saddle and is still in different variants in production. Even today, the Bag As a sought-after classic.

The model with the greatest radiance is likely to be Dior's Lady Dior. the Bag was introduced in 1994 and soon turned out to be a box office hit. Stars and asterisks also followed the reputation of the traditional French company. Another newer models with a high recognition value is the striking model J’Adior, which can be easily managed with a j’adior lettering. The Saddle Bag, designed by John Galliiano, is also in the focus of fashion enthusiasts in all its variants. The pockets of the Diorama series have a high recognition value with their design language and its filigree closure and are a symbol of modern elegance.

The former princess of Wales Diana was soon said to have been a big fan of the bags after the model was published. So she is said to have bought Lady Dior in different variants within a short time. From then on, she regularly showed them in combination with her stylish wardrobe. Thanks for this, the Bag soon renamed their honor. The pockets of the series still carry this royal shine in their name.

This canvas, or rather the pattern that appears on it, is an answer to the many monogram canvas variants of other houses. It puts the Dior lettering in a report that achieves a sample effect. This pattern is used in many areas at Dior and is one of the identification features of the house. Oblique Canvas is offered in different color variations, most often find a light brown and a dark blue variant.

One of the largest identifier of the label is likely to be the so -called Cannage quilted, with which the leather of most Lady Dior’s was considered, for example. This quilt is clearly clear from the quilts of other brands. Many bags of the house also wear one Tag on one of the handle on which the dior letters are almost floating and to the French origin of the Bag let.

Bags of the label are characterized by a high material appearance and perfect workmanship. Many counterfeits are already careless when choosing their materials and do not achieve the required quality of the original. There are a few starting points with which you can ensure the authenticity of the supposed original:

The letters Tag For example, a real Lady Dior are never completely floating. Accordingly, her Lady Dior will never rattle loudly. The interior of a real Lady Dior is always lined with fabric that wears Dior’s Cannage pattern. Consists are happy to be careless here and use other substances. For bags made from oblique canvas, it is also advisable to compare the exact report of the pattern with a secure original. Figures like to show small differences here. A code in the interior of the bags also provides precise information about the location of the manufacturing and the exact time of production. If in doubt, this code should be able to be checked in a dior store or by independent experts.

Yes, most Christian Dior bags have a leather sign in the interior of the Bagthat bears the embossing of an individual date code on the back. This small label has an all -round seam in newer pockets, in older models before the 90s it is attached to the interior with a single seam. The embossing on the leather is colorless, silver or gold colors. The embossing should not show overlays between print and embossing and be clean. The shield of a real dior Bag Should also have rounded corners. The seams are perfect and the embossing is precisely centered on the sign. The lettering is limited to two or three lines and always bears the name of the founder and in large letters "Paris". In some cases, the naming of the country of manufacture in the form of "Made in Italy" or "Made in Spain" can form a third line in large letters. It has not been sure since when exactly dior date codes used for bags, but it is assumed that they were used for the first time in 1997. For example, since the Lady Dior came onto the market for the first time in 1994, there is definitely Vintage Lady Dior without such a code. Using the following example, you can see how the date code of a dior Bag is read:


BO = production location

0133 = The first and the third position result in the month, the second and the fourth place the production year.

In this case the Bag Made in March of 2013. The code of newer bags has hyphens between the positions.

For example, if the code shows the RU 0928 format, this is due to the proximity to the LVMH group and not unusual. This format represents an alignment with Louis Vuitton’s Codes, the code of the bags can be read in these cases as well as with pockets of the French company. In this case the Bag manufactured in February 1998. The code has no hyphen in this form.

The date code is not with the serial number of one Bag to be confused. You can find these on the authenticity card and puts the model number of one Bag dar.