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“There is no limit to beauty”

The founder and namesake of the well-known, Italian company for high-quality fashion and accessories was Salvatore Ferragamo, which was born in 1898 at Avelino in Italy. Already early he discovered his interest and talent for the processing of leather. So he should have already designed shoes for his sister at the age of nine years. After learning the craft of the shoemaker, several stations ultimately led him to Los Angeles, where he successfully made designs for film productions in Hollywood. In 1927 Ferragamo returned to Italy to settle there. After turbulent first years, he managed to expand the company successively, in 1955, 350 pairs of shoes were already made daily from more than 700 employees. With the death of the company founder in 1960, his daughter Fiamma Ferragamo took over the creative direction. Over the years, further product groups joined the assortment, next to shoes, the company today also provides luxury bags, watches, perfumes and accessories. Time of his life Salvatore Ferragamo was considered a visionary, his designs were characterized by high experimental pleasure, which caught in many novel ideas. On Ferragamo, the first shoe models go back with an additional spring, which makes wearing high women's shoes enormously easier. He experimented with transparent and other exotic materials, after his death he left 350 patents. As one of the most famous recognition signs of the brand, the Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini logo applies. This symbol is formed in the form of a horseshoe. It finds its use in different variants on belts and other closures. For the first time it found his use in 1969 as a buckle on a handbag. In addition, there are also textiles of this sign, often in the form of a pattern. Many handbag models are characterized by a simple elegance, designs with unusual prints and strong colors still keep the experimental spirit of the company founder alive today. In addition, the pockets are still characterized by excellent processing quality. The most famous and sophisticated handbags of the company are probably the well-known Studio Bag and the models of the Margot series.

Salvatore Ferragamo was born on June 5, 1898 near the city of Avelino. His shoe designs were spectacular in the 1930s. All Hollywood was soon a customer, including none of them less than the famous actress Audrey Hepburn personally. Ferragamo experiment with exotic leather types and other extraordinary materials, but was also inspired by history. A nice example of this are the Platteau shoes designed by designed, which did not exist in this form at the time of their publication, but have some role models from the past. Even recent designs surprise with interesting materials, so transparent plastics and natural materials such as basts will also find their way into the collections.

Salvatore Ferraro is one of the best known and most important “Made in Italy” labels. In its designs, the company reveals high demands on materials and processing. The company's designs often have a Gancini logo as a identification mark. This symbol is said to have been advertised by the iron of the Palazzo Spini Feroni in the center of Florence and details taken by equestrian sports. The Mancini symbol is used as a single ring or also doubles its use. The Gancini symbol is also often placed on Canva's variants of the house in a report and thus serves as a sample template for bags and other textiles.

Over the years, a variety of luxurious handbags have been presented under the name Ferragamo. From elegant shoulder bags to practical Tote Bags, the traditional Italian company offers the right tool for every application. The most popular bags are certainly the Gancini Top Handle Bags. With its clear form and its brilliant details, the bags always add a classic, elegant element.

Ferragamo Lock In the middle of 2022, a partnership with one of the largest online retailers for luxury goods worldwide with the aim of getting closer to the younger generation and being more present online. The company is already in other technological areas: The New York Ferragamo Concept Store has been offering options for creating individual NFT art, digital mirror cabins and holographed sneakers for some time. The concept was created in cooperation with the multidisciplinary New York design studio de-yan. With these fresh ideas, the company wants to offer a new and modern shopping experience on site.