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Stands out from the crowd of concentrated Chanel elegance: Chanel PST in white caviar leather. / Photo by Secondhandbags

Chanel has always been synonymous with elegance and good taste. The exclusive leathers such as. Caviar leather, the legendary CC twist closures and also the quilting on the leather are still something extraordinary today and stand for a look of their own. Many designs by Coco Chanel herself are style-defining to this day and were already something special at the time of their first appearance: the Little Black Dress was modern, stylish and comfortable at the same time, her perfumes developed into bestsellers and Chanel's tweed combinations perfectly master the language of feminine elegance to this day. During her long collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel repeatedly introduced bags that still have a modern effect today and are absolute fashion legends. In this Secondhandbags blog article we give an overview of some of the most famous and memorable bag models of the French traditional house Chanel.

1. CHANEL 2.55:

In February 1955, Coco Chanel introduced a very special Bag presented: TheChanel 2.55 bears its name in honor of this first release date.The extraordinary: The Bag for the first time had a long chain strap, with the help of which the Bag could be carried comfortably over the shoulder. From now on, both hands were free to carry the Bag free, unique! Also new was the construction of a Bag with two flaps, the Double Flap was born. The Bag was re-released in February 2005 as the Chanel 2.55 Reissue, just in time for its 50th anniversary. The bags have a rectangular turn lock closure on the front flap and have a chain strap.Bags in the 2.55 series come in the four, regular, numbered sizes 224, 225, 226, 227.Models exist in all sorts of leathers, plus it has been and continues to be made in other materials like denim and tweed, as well as with just about every decoration imaginable.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Medium Black Aged Calfskin Gold
Chanel 2.55 Reissue Medium Black Aged Calfskin Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL 2.55 Mass:


W20cm x H14.5cm x D7.5cm


W24cm x H16cm x D7cm


W28cm x H19cm x D7cm

227 W31cm x H20cm x D10cm

2. CHANEL Classic Flap Bag:

TheChanel Classic Flap Bag was first offered by Chanel in 1985.The Bag bag was conceived by Karl Lagerfeld and equipped with a CC twist closure, as it is still known today. The bags appeared over the years in seven different sizes: Extra Mini, Old Mini, New Mini, Small, Medium, Jumbo and Maxi. The bags come with a chain strap with a leather strap running through it. The bags are among the absolute icons of the house and shine in many colors in Lambskin and Caviar leather as well as in all possible hardware variations.

Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Black Lambskin Gold
Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Black Lambskin Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Classic Flap Bag Mass:


W17cm x H10cm x D7.5cm


W17cm x H13.5cm x D8cm


W20cm x H12cm x D6cm


W23.5cm x H14.5cm x D6cm


W25.5cm x H15.5cm x D6.5cm


W30cm x H19.5cm x D10cm


W34cm x H23cm x D10cm

So the Chanel Classic Double & Single Flap Bags are newer than, for example, the 2.55 series bags, even though they have "Classic" in their name.The special feature of both bag models in the Double Flap variant is their construction: The variant with two flaps and a concealed zipper is unique. Anyone who has ever held one of these bags in their hands will not forget it. By the way, since 2014 there is no Single Flap in production, neither 2.55 nor Classic Flap.Chanel Single Flap bags are not least for this reason today rather rare and sought-after collector's items.

3. CHANEL Boy:

The bags from Chanel's Boy series were first presented in 2011and commemorate Arthur Boy Capel, a British polo player who was Coco Chanel's lover for a time, inspiring her in her early years and helping her open her first stores. Karl Lagerfeld was responsible for designing the range, giving the bags an edgier look with a rectangular closure on the front flap. In addition, the bags in the line have quilted trim along the edges. The bags were or will be available in the four regular sizes Small, Old Medium, New Medium and Large as well as all sorts of color combinations over the years. Furthermore, there are variations that take the look around the distinctive clasp and interpret it in other formats.

Chanel Boy Medium Black Lambskin Gold
Chanel Boy Medium Black Lambskin Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Boy Mass:


W20cm x H12cm x D8cm


W25cm x H15cm x D9cm


W28cm x 17cm x D9cm


W30cm x H21cm x D10cm

4. CHANEL Diana:

The bags from Chanel's Diana series were located in production from 1989 to 1995 and were only reissued for the 2015 collection as Vintage Chic Flap in a slightly modified form. Thus, there was a 20-year period in which no Diana was offered by Chanel. Thereby the Bag is one of the absolute icons of the house. Karl Lagerfeld, the grand master and designer of most of the bags presented here named the Bag after the then Princess Diana, she herself was often seen with a small Diana. The bags were offered by Chanel in the two sizes Small and Medium, are similar in construction to a Chanel Classic Single Flap and have slightly rounded trim along the edges, which together with the shiny CC twist closure make for a particularly elegant look. The bags are quite in demand today, especially older, well-preserved Caviar models are sought after by fans. The classic Lambskin versions still recall the elegant legacy of Princess Diana and her importance as a fashion icon of the 90's.

Chanel Diana Medium Black Lambskin Gold
Chanel Diana Medium Black Lambskin Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Diana Mass:


W22.5cm x H14cm x D7cm


W26cm x H16cm x D9cm

5. CHANEL Grand Shopping Tote (GST):

Among the most popular bags of the house are the bags of the Shopping series in their different sizes. The bags of the series have a typical quilting, which also shows a large CC logo quilting on the front. TheGrand Shopping ToteGST for short, represents the large variant of the Shopping series.The bags are an elegant partner for everyday life and were designed primarily in Caviar leather offered. The most common colors are black and beige. The bags have a chain strap with a continuous leather strap and a leather protector in the carrying area. Since 2013, the bags of the GST series are no longer manufactured and are sorely missed by fans to this day.

Chanel GST Black Caviar Gold
Chanel GST Black Caviar Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags



W33cm x H25.5cm x D13.5cm

6. CHANEL Petit Shopping Tote (PST):

The somewhat narrower variant of the GST goes by the name of.Petit Shopping TotePST for short. The bags are also mainly produced in Caviar leather and named colors and represent a no less elegant variant of a shopper of the first order. Chanel has taken the PST in 2012 from the market.

Chanel PST White Caviar Gold
Chanel PST White Caviar Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags



W25.5cm x H24cm x D9cm

7. CHANEL Medallion:

The bags from Chanel's Medallion series are located no longer in production since the year 2013but still belong with their look to the most memorable and popular bags of the house in recent years. Especially the CC logo quilting on the front and the large, gold zipper on the zipper draw the eye to this elegant and at the same time fashionable shopper.

Chanel Medallion Tote Bag Black Caviar Gold
Chanel Medallion Tote Bag Black Caviar Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Medallion Mass:


W29cm x H25.5cm x D14cm

8. CHANEL Cambon Ligne:

In 1910, Coco Chanel opened her first store on Rue Cambon in Paris. The bags of theCambon Ligne were presented for the first time in 2004 and commemorate this historic place. The bags of the series turned out to be bestsellers soon after their release. Bags of the series were offered in different color combinations. While the majority of the line is no longer in the Chanel lineup, the look of the WOC line is still in use, with the CC logo out of format. At the time of their first appearance, the Tote bags in their three sizes and the small crossbody bags in the collection were particularly popular.

Chanel Cambon Ligne Tote Bag Medium Black Lambskin
Chanel Cambon Ligne Tote Bag Medium Black Lambskin / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Cambon Ligne Tote Bag Mass:


W15cm x H20cm x D10cm


W30cm x H24cm x D11cm


W40cm x H25cm x D14cm

9. CHANEL Cerf Tote:

The elegantChanel Cerf Tote was first in the year 2005 offered for sale and comes in the three regular sizes Small, Regular and Tall. The bags of the series please with their clean lines and a subtle appearance. The bags are closed at the top opening via a twist closure. The bags come in Caviar or calfskin leather and are made to shine by silver or gold hardware. Originally, "cerf" referred to a type of deerskin leather, but Chanel no longer offers it in this form.

Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Black Caviar Gold
Chanel Executive Cerf Tote Black Caviar Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Cerf Tote Mass:


W30.5cm x H17.5cm x D6cm


W35.5cm x H25.5cm x D15cm


W45.5cm x H33cm x D15cm

10. CHANEL Trendy CC Top Handle Bag:

The bags made of Chanel's Trendy CC Collection belong to since the year 2014 among the most popular bags of the house. Only a few bags in the series Chanel hands out to its customers every year. The bags skillfully continue the long tradition of Chanel Top Handle Bags and have some features that make them stand out and become absolute collectors' items for Chanel connoisseurs. Firstly, the internal structure is three-part, and secondly, a polished metal bar with Chanel engraving shines on the top of the bags. The Bag has a handle on the top and a chain strap with leather strap, so that the Bag be carried in the hand or loosely over the shoulder. The otherwise classic Chanel look with CC buckle and stitching on the leather speaks for itself.

Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle Small Coral Lambskin Gold
Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle Small Coral Lambskin Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Trendy CC Top Handle Bag Mass:


W18cm x H25cm x D9cm


W21cm x H29cm x D9cm


W26cm x H31cm x D16cm

11. CHANEL Coco Handle Flap Bag:

Other well-known representatives from Chanel's top handle bag family represent the bags of the Chanel Coco Handle series represent. The bags seduce with their classic look and are offered by Chanel every year since the year 2017.. Dei bags have a timeless design and represent a classic Chanel look, with stitching on the leather and hardware around a CC Turn Lock closure. The bags feature a detachable shoulder strap. Chanel offers the bags in four sizes Mini, Small, Medium and Large. Among the newer bags certainly one of the most sought after models.

Chanel Coco Handle Flap Bag Medium Black Caviar Ruthenium
Chanel Coco Handle Flap Bag Medium Black Caviar Ruthenium / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Coco Handle Flap Bag Mass:


W19cm x H13cm x D9cm


W24cm x H14cm x D10cm


W29cm x H18cm x D12cm


W33cm x H22cm x D10cm

12. CHANEL Camera Bag:

Also often used is the Chanel Camera Bag is often mentioned as a member of the ranks of true Chanel classics. Over the years, the Bag has been released in different sizes and changed its format over the year from a small crossbody bag to a full-fledged shoulder bag. Logo stitching and slip pockets on the front adorn the bags that first caused a sensation in the 80s. and are reminiscent of the exotic format of cameras back then.

Chanel Camera Bag CC Small Black Lambskin Gold
Chanel Camera Bag CC Small Black Lambskin Gold / Photo by Secondhandbags

CHANEL Camera Bag Mass:


W18cm x H11cm x D6cm


W23cm x H15.5cm x D7cm


TheChanel WOC Wallet On Chain is annually a plaything of the latest ideas. While the structure inside is always the same, the Bag adapted to different styles and Chanel series over the years. So there are Chanel Classic WOC's, Chanel Timeless WOC's, Boy WOC's, Cambon Ligne WOC's, and some more. Especially for collectors, the small crossbody bags are therefore interesting.

Chanel WoC Black Caviar Silver
Chanel Classic WOC Black Caviar Silver / Photo by Secondhandbags



W19cm x H12cm x D3.5cm

All Chanel bags represent an exceptionally exclusive look. Whether top handle bags with chevron quilting or stitched patent leather backpacks with gold hardware, Chanel has the measure of all things ready for everyone!

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