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Purchase on account / installment purchase

How can I select installment purchase in the checkout?
Select 'Purchase on account/facture' from the various payment options. Make sure that you enter all your details correctly and also enter your cell phone number. All information is used for the credit check by our financial partner PowerPay.


Purchase on account / installment purchase
When ordering on account, you have the option of paying the invoice in full or in installments. You decide conveniently when you receive the invoice. The payment period is always 14 days. Please note that we for purchase on account with our financing partner Powerpay for purchases on account. The entire collection and dunning process is handled by our partner, who also carries out an identity and credit check. As fraudulent orders on account have repeatedly occurred (different delivery address, postal account hacked), an additional confirmation with an SMS code is required from an amount of CHF 1000.


Payment by installments
Please enter the desired payment amount in the blank payment slip. The minimum payment amount is 10% of the sales price. If you pay in installments, you will receive an invoice every month until the full amount has been paid. The outstanding amount increases by 1% each month. The amount to be paid can be selected for each installment. PowerPay charges an additional processing fee of CHF 2.90 (post) or CHF 1.90 (e-mail) per invoice.

Form for consenting to installment payments
If the outstanding amount exceeds CHF 500 after 3 months, the Consumer Credit Act stipulates that the customer's explicit consent is required. You will receive a form from MF Group for this purpose. Please complete this form and return it to the address provided. 


Full amount
Please use the blank payment slip for the transfer and enter the full invoice amount.
When will I receive my invoice?
After a purchase on account, you will receive an e-mail from PowerPay directly with the invoice. If the amount is still outstanding, you will also receive the invoice by post with the monthly invoice run from PowerPay. 


Why can't I receive an Bag buy on account or in installments?
There can be various reasons for a rejection: 
  • You are not yet of legal age 
  • You cannot be found at the address given 
  • Your personal account limit available at this time is not sufficient
  • You are in default of payment 
For data protection reasons, we do not receive any further information from PowerPay in most cases. Please contact PowerPay directly here for further information.