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“To be irreplaceable, one must be different”

In a unique way, Chanel simultaneously exudes the scent of timeless elegance, glamorous luxury and feminine pioneering spirit. The unparalleled elegance and authenticity of the Chanel brand is closely linked to the personality of the founder. When Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was born in 1883 in poor conditions, nothing indicated that they would tire the most important fashion manager of the 20th century. Difficult youth years in the orphanage, performances as a singer and first contacts with an unknown luxury world, let them grow an exceptionally ambitious, self-employed and free wife. Loyal friendships and passionate love relationships as well as a yearning for culture, discoveries and travel have shaped their personality. In 1910 she opened with the help of her wealthy lover, the English mine owner Arthur "Boy" Capel, a hutelier enjoyed the most popularity. From then on, the young designer expanded into related areas and developed for the well-known fashion icon. As a poor woman, Coco Chanel was always dependent on the goodwill of rich men in her ascent. That's why it was one of its biggest goals as independent as possible as a person and also with your company. In addition, it has a significant proportion of the transformation of fashion, which was more strongly focused on the wife and female forms. So the beautiful handbag Chanel 2.55 was not only visually a feast for the eyes, but has set new standards, especially through its functionality. First she was equipped with a shoulder strap and numerous small compartments.

The material
CHANEL offers a variety of leathers, but the most popular and most counterfeited ones are Kaviar-Leather and lambskin. The classic smooth lambskin is in comparison with the Kaviar-Leather softer, has a smooth appearance and is homogeneous. The Kaviar-leather, on the other hand, is grained and is often described as more robust and scratch-resistant. The Kaviar-leather is characterized by its fine elevations, which are reminiscent of black Kaviar reminiscent. It should also be noted that CHANEL also offers fabric bags.

The seam

All seams of a CHANELBag are extremely precise and uniform in their appearance. The stitches of a single seam are an indication of whether it is an original. As a rule, a seam consists of 11 stitches. A seamless transition is possible both on the back of a Bag on the attached compartment as well as on the front of the flap.

The interior
The inner lining dresses the Bag perfectly. It fits well and does not form wrinkles or "loose" places. The inner lining is, like the entire CHANEL-.Bag, lined with the best and high quality leather.

The CHANEL chain
The chain of a CHANELBag has a high own weight and is made of metal. In vintage models before 2008, the metal was covered with 24 carat gold. The leather of the chain is braided through the chain and is also made of high quality leather. The leather that is pulled through the CHANEL chain is sewn in one place and there is a small gap.

Counterpart to the closure of a CHANEL-Bag
The counterpart to the closure of a CHANEL-Bag is always fixed with two flat screws, which form a flat surface with the closure plate. CHANEL is on the left side of the closure plaque and PARIS is on the right side. These two words are evenly written and easy to read.

The classic CC clasp on the front
On the classic CHANEL clasp, as on the CHANEL CC signet itself, the left C is always above the right C in the lower area. In the upper area, the left C is below the right C. The classic CC clasp can be flat or curved. Some classic CC clasps have a kind of "stamped embossing" on one of the C. Its position and appearance vary depending on the year of manufacture. This "stamping" also indicates that the Bag bag was made in France. Classic CHANEL bags made in Italy completely lack this "embossing".

The CHANEL serial number
At CHANEL, the serial number and the corresponding authenticity card were introduced in 1984. The length of the serial numbers and their initial number vary depending on the year of production. From 2005 the authenticity card top right corner was provided with a gray/white circle.

The grainy calf (also Kaviar called) or fine lambskin.

This refers to the flaps with which the Bag can be closed. In a "single flap" there is only one outer flap to close the Bag. With a "double flap" there are 2 flaps, one inner and one outer.

This is the abbreviation for the CHANEL Grand Shopper Totewhich is no longer produced like this.

No, they come in all sorts of colors and also different materials. Chanel also brings with new collections again other variations.

Yes, CHANEL makes repairs even on old or vintage models. This at perfectly acceptable prices. The customer service is excellent at CHANEL.