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Photo by Modern Affliction V on Unsplash.

Hermes. A sonorous name with an immense radiance. The Birkin and Kelly models are most sought -after on the market and are even considered solid investments. No wonder that the prices for copies have increased significantly in the past few years. Of course, this also calls for counterfeiters caught for decades that try to earn money with copies and rely on the ignorance of potential customers. In addition to the fact that the bags are considered to be a sign of maximum elegance, they were used as props over the years, even in countless film productions. Most recently, Jonah Hill showed a strong preference for black Hermès Birkins in the Netflix production "Don’t Look Up". The one he led by him Bag Symbolically stands for everything that can be achieved in the earthly world and plays a special role in satire. the Bag Even towards the end, he was donated to his own scene, in which she dignified as an ambassador of mankind to the infinite expanses of space. The pockets are still in the center of pop culture and thus also honor the glamorous legacy of their namesake Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly.

You are in possession of one Bag Or have a copy of their sights and want to be sure that this is an original? Then we look forward to being able to share our experiences and to be able to offer you a few key data for orientation and ensuring authenticity as part of this blog article.

1. Form & mass:

The sought -after pockets Birkin and Kelly are designed to keep your attitude independently on your four feet. Falsifications often do not offer the stability of an original and fall around after being switched off.

Exact masses are subject to the pockets in their different sizes. It is worth considering here: Small deviations from the original masses can already be a reason for concern.

"The fact that the size of the two models are named according to their masses is helpful. A Birkin 40, for example, measures exactly 40 centimeters in its width."

Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold Photo by secondhandbags
Hermès Kelly 35 Black Boxcalf Gold
Hermès Kelly 35 Black Boxcalf Gold Photo by secondhandbags

2. The material:

Hermes When choosing the materials, it is careful to only use the highest quality leather types. The different, exquisite leather types range from soft Taurillon Leather up to exclusive Barenia Leather that has its origin as a saddle leather and is therefore considered to be extremely constant.

It is recommended to pay attention to the type of leather used, sellers should offer the necessary know -how here. The use of different materials also leads to different market prices. Anyone who has a watchful eye here can also find bargains. An overview of the best -known leather types can be found in our blog "Kleiner Hermès Leder Guide".

Hermès bags like the popular models Kelly or Birkin were made with the intention to guarantee a long service life and durability. If your Hermès product does not feel value, this could already be an indication of a fake. Because even when used, the materials serving as the basis are beyond any doubt and radiate that.

Hermes Kelly and Birkin Bags are always made of form stable and should also be in use. The leather clochettes of real Hermès bags are made of one piece. If the small storage options for the keys consist of two parts, this indicates a fake.

3. The Henkel:

The handles of a real oneHermes Bag Should neither be poorly processed nor feel too easy. Caution should be exercised, especially with bags in otherwise good condition.

Under no circumstances should young bags be bent. If this is the case, the Bag a faulty transport in a fake packaging that is too small. An absolute no-go in realHermes Bags.

Henkel Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Photo by secondhandbags​​

4. The interior:

The handbags Birkin, Kelly, Constance, BolideEvelyne and Kelly Herbag Always have an interior equipped with leather. If you hold a copy with textile food in your hands, it is a fake. Models such as the HermèsVictoria On the other hand, a textile feed, however, cannot be derived for all pocket models. After all, it is mandatory for the models mentioned.

Interior Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Photo by secondhandbags​​

5. The seams:

The seams of Hermès bags are characterized by the use of yarns in one color. Figures can be exposed by the careless use of several thread colors. Likewise, the seams are the work of absolute precision and should show a constant stab length and height. However, real Hermès bags are the result of elaborate manual work and therefore only close to perfection. As soon as the impression of machine stamped seams is created, caution is advised. However, you will not be crooked with any real Hermès Bag Find.

Sewed Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Photo by secondhandbags​​

6. The hardware:

Hermes Bags are not only characterized by the use of excellent types of leather, the hardware used is always first class and the result of hours of craftsmanship. The following also applies here: If metal elements feel too easy or the engravings are unclean, caution is advised. Original specimens always have a high material impression and exact processing details. The hardware generally comes in two variants: gold platted or with a palladium finish. There are less frequent products with 24 carat gold coating, silver palladium, ruthenium, lobnished and guilloche, a palladium variant with diamond embossing.

The materials used are very resistant due to their high value And should not show any signs of corrosion. Falsifications are economical, especially with these rather expensive components and have rust and other reactions. Occasionally, the hardware can have started something through strong use. With scratches or abrasion on the edges, make sure that scratches are dark on palladium coated hardware. If golden color shines through, this indicates the use of brass or similar, compared to cheap metals.

Hardware Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Photo bysecondhandbags

Birkin Bags come with a padlock, that the Bag Closes and enjoys great popularity. These small closure mechanisms have had a few special features since 2000. In particular the serial number and the Hermès engraving on the underside of keys and Lock are recurring details that stand out from counterfeits. However, the exact composition of the characteristics has changed several times over the past few years. That is why it is difficult to make precise statements. One of the most common fake serial numbers places number 121 on the Lock dar, Although there are also original copies with this number. The locks of older pockets carry a Hermès logo and a single -digit number that matches the key.

Lock & Key Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold 2
Photo by secondhandbags​​

The feet on the underside of a Bag Can't just be unscrewed. Real Hermès bags have metal feet that are firmly anchored and usually leave a solid impression even after years of use. In addition, the feet have real Kellys andBirkins A finish in the same color as the closure.

Füsschen Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Photo by secondhandbags​​

7. Logo Stamp:

A real HermèsBirkin always has a logo stamp on the front in the upper area. The stamp must have the following form "Hermès Paris Made in France" distributed over three lines. Exceptions Birkin Bags that were manufactured before 1965. You lack the addition "Made in France". The stamp is placed on the upper edge. If the stamp is placed in the middle between the closure and the upper edge, this is an indication of a fake. In general, the following applies here: If there are impurities in color or inequality in the embossing, it may be a plagiarism. Hermes Especially in the case of such details, attach great importance to a perfect execution.

8. Datacodes, blind stamps & certificates:

Unlike many other providers in the luxury segment, Hermes pockets come without one authenticity card. Couants with alleged certificates are in circulation, as well as fake invoices. These papers supplied in orange envelopes can be an indication of a fake and should be considered with the greatest caution! An original invoice, if still available, is usually in a white envelope with Hermès logo. Bags, on the other hand, have a unique code, which is attached in the form of a stamp on the leather on the underside of the handles, belts, brackets or closures. For the first time, such a blind stamp was used in 1945. The years have been counted in alphabetical order since then. Starting in 1945 with a simple “A”, a circle was introduced in 1971, which was replaced by a square in 1997. Since 2014, the years have become back in its original form, without further symbols.

Accessories Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Photo by secondhandbags​​

The following list offers an overview and helps the exact year of manufacture of one Bag to find out:

 No frame



1945 a

1971 a

1997 a

1946 b

1972 B

1998 B

1947 C

1973 C

1999 C

1948 D

1974 D

2000 D

1949 e

1975 E

2001 E

1950 f

1976 f

2002 f

1951 g

1977 G

2003 g

1952 h

1978 h

2004 h

1953 I

1979 I

2005 I

1954 J

1980 J

2006 J

1955 K

1981 K

2007 K

1956 l

1982 L

2008 L

1957 m

1983 m

2009 m

1958 N

1984 N

2010 N

1959 o

1985 O

2011 o (rarely Jo)

1960 p

1986 p

2012 p

1961 Q

1987 Q

2013 Q

1962 r

1988 r

2014 R (from the end of the year without a circle)

1963 S

1989 S

2015 S (without a circle)

1964 t

1990 t

2016 t (without circle)

1965 u

1991 u

2017 u (without a circle)

1966 V

1992 V

2018 V (without a circle)

1967 W

1993 W

2019 W (without a circle)

1968 x

1994 X

2020 x (without a circle)

1969 y

1995 y

2021 y (without circle)

1970 Z

1996 Z

2022 Z (without a circle)


Datacode Hermès Birkin 40 Navy Blue Togo Gold
Photo by secondhandbags​​

In the large part of the cases, the code only specifies the year of production. There are additives for bags made from exotic leather types. Should you buy such a Bag Interest from abroad, the import regulations of your country must be observed. Customs authorities may question the import of such bags. In the case of plagiarism.

Some pockets from the 90s have additional symbols. A horseshoe character, for example, shows a specialization, a shooting star confirms that the Bag For the personal use of a Hermes Artisan was produced. However, these additives are not the rule.

If you are still worried or have any questions, we will be happy to help you. We also offer the opportunity to check your bags for authenticity in the house. Simply sit down with us via e-mail Or like to contact you by phone, hopefully we can also clear up the last doubts about the authenticity of your piece of jewelry.

You can also find more information about our service here. :)

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