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Travel with Louis Vuitton - Photo by Hazby Assidiqi Rochman von Pexels
Photo by Hazby Assidiqi Rochman from Pexels

Louis Vuitton founded his first shop in 1854 in the fourth house of Rue Nueve des Capucines in the busy center of the French capital Paris and not far from the 5 -star Hotel Ritz Paris. Not far away from the eastern shore behind the Jardin of the Tuilerie, he initially made a name for himself with exclusive luggage, which already wore striking, golden details about brown wood and light brown leather straps as a identification sign. A color code that the company still wears in its heart.


Vuitton used a tight wire to the French court as an employee as an employeeAnd acted as an exclusive baggage manufacturer of the Empress. After his step into self -employment, she gave him loyalty.

Dluggage he designed was style -defining and iconic for an early generation of the jet set What you could take with you also fit in Louis Vuitton, always with style. 

Weather -protected and securely packed a selection of the 

Louis Vuitton recognized the signs of time and offered the perfect answer for everyone traveling with time with his variants. In addition, his suitcases made of coated, water -down -to -water and hard -wearing material were manufactured. With his research proved to be 

at the world exhibition in Paris denthird place golden medalthat he was allowed to hold in his hands at the end of the exhibition.


In 1900, his son was given the honor of independently making the area for luggage and leather goods as part of the world exhibition in Paris and showing his designs. In 1904 he was part of the jury of the world exhibition in St. Louis and now assessed the creative designs of the next generation with his specialist knowledge.

Louis Vuitton died at the age of 70 in 1892.  "Le voyage", which focused on traveling and accompanied its product range appropriately. , which is still one of the indicators of the house and was used for the first time in 1896. The graphic symbols of the pattern were inspired by Japanese and oriental design. This exotic trend shaped a modern view of design in the late Victorian period and cited the formal language of foreign cultures. The one used to this day  

With the associated motorization, the company also offered luggage luggage from 1906, which could be on the back of the first, luxurious automobile buckles. So it was also possible for the most modern count and his wife on excursions to have an extensive selection of clothing and accessories from the convertible.


to offer the first handbag in the classic sense. The first model is said to have been baptized with the name "Steamer Bag" and was intended as an accessory for classic luggage. The bags were kept in the large suitcases and offered the opportunity to have a selection of necessities on smaller rides. Sensational!

Louis Vuitton   Keeper  Carryall 


"Volez, Voguez, Voyagez"what translated to fly, sail and go on trips. The exhibition and the book accompanying the event also provide information about the early history of the company and provide a beautiful insight into the travel habits of the Upper Class around the turn of the century. The exhibition hiked around the world from France. In Tokyo, Seoul and New York it was then possible to admire the same scope of history and style. The exhibition was cured by the recognized French fashion historian Olivier Saillard and, in addition to looking into the past, also offered an outlook on the future of fashion.

Louis Vuitton 

Real, preserved suitcases from the early days of the company are now a popular choice for the design of interiors and set a noble accent that also recalls the trips to which the suitcases have already entered. In some cases, even precise routes can be traced using stickers.

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