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"A global brand with a distinctly British attitude"

In the world of traditional fashion houses, which is clearly dominated by French and Italian brands, the British Burberry is an exception. The identity of the brand is practically synonymous with the famous check pattern and stands for exceptional quality. Not surprisingly, Burberry has been purveyor to the royal court since 1955. The Queen of England is one of the long-standing and loyal customers of the brand. A young pioneer Founded by the 21-year-old textile merchant Thomas Burberry in 1856, his boutique initially mainly offered outerwear. The businessman turned out to be an extremely inventive spirit who was able to translate his experience and ideas into concrete products. In 1880 he developed the gabardine fabric, which is still characteristic today. Made of cotton, this fabric shines with its robustness and breathable properties. The yarn is impregnated before weaving, which makes the fabric waterproof. Eight years later, Thomas Burberry successfully patented his invention and a period of international expansion began. Fame and adventure He gained greater fame and reputation with the development of a new coat, which he designed as clothing for officers on behalf of the British military administration. He used an already existing Burberry coat and added epaulets, belts and D-rings: the trench coat was born. Due to the waterproof material, this new type of coat was not only suitable for military purposes, but also for other adventures under difficult conditions. Unsurprisingly, the 1910 Antarctic expedition also opted for the Burberry trench coat. The famous check pattern, unmistakable Burberry trademark, was finally introduced in the 1920s. In the 1960s, the trench coat became famous in various films by Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Peter and thus laid the foundation for further popularity. It was during these years that the brand's prestige reached a peak. TURBULENCES AND COMEBACK That momentum was lost in the early 2000s. The product range was massively expanded and everything from bikini to household items was sold under the Burberry brand. Suddenly the classic check pattern was the uniform of football hooligans instead of a prestigious item of clothing. At this point, Burberry had lost its identity and it was unclear what the brand actually stood for. Under the leadership of Angela Ahrendts, 30% of the products were initially discontinued and the brand regained its exclusivity. Together with the chief designer Christopher Bailey, the old shine could be brought back to life. Show More ...

Logo or spelling: Burberry or Burberrys
Customers often think when on a "Burberry"-Bag "Burberries" is inevitably a fake. That is far from it! Both spellings can clearly be referred to the originality of a Burberry or BurberrysBag be. It all started in 1856 with the name of the founder Thomas Burberry. A short time later, the name was changed in "Burberries of London" - in short form simply "Burberries". With the 1999 collections, only the name "Burberry" is used.

Current Burberry logo
Most Burberry bags that are offered second-hand come from 1999. The entire Burberry lettering is kept in a very classic font and is written from all capital letters. Each letter itself has certain characteristics that are often not implemented properly in the event of a fake.
"B" - the lower part (belly) of the "B" is slightly larger (belly) than the upper part
"U" - The left line of the "U" is a little thicker than the right one
"R" - The end of the "R" is slightly curved up
"E" - The lower line of the "E" is somewhat longer than the upper one
"Y" - the same applies here as the "U" - here too the left part of the letter is a bit thicker than the right.

Burberry's classic caro pattern
A large number of Burberry bags is kept in the classic and world-famous caro pattern, also called Karo. Depending on the collection, the coloring and the design of the strength of the lines used differ. However, the classic colors are beige, black and red! With original Burberry bags, the caro pattern is always perfectly symmetrical. The pattern "wanders" also in a "litter" over the Bag. In other words, the pattern becomes a seam or an attached Bag not resumed. In addition, the individual large strips in the caro pattern are also made of fine stripes/strips. These run diagonally to the actual pattern. The fabric itself is impregnated and completely water -repellent or very resistant!

The food and the labels
For the labels inside the Bag different materials are used. These vary depending on the pocket model. The Burberry logo is also shown inside on these labels and can vary from rectangular to oval. This makes it difficult to use the labels themselves as a characteristic.
Nevertheless, certain characteristics with an original burberryBag inevitable. Every label, whether oval or rectangular, is always clean and symmetrical or straight. Either the labels are finely sewn or even glued in. Also inside an original BurberryBag Is there a patch that calls the manufacturing location. In the past, Burberry bags were made exclusively in Italy. Today they are produced in a variety of countries around the world. Today's Burberry collections all have a label that not only contains the production location, but also an article number and material information.

In 2018, Burberry caused a scandal with the annihilation of new goods worth a double -digit million amount. Since then, the brand has been working radically for sustainability and is now one of the pioneers among fashion houses. For some time now, recycled materials have been used more and more. Some of these are obtained from old fishing nets, fabric residues and industrial plastics.

All older models were made exclusively in Italy and are marked with the lettering "Made in Italy". New models from Burberry bags are now also manufactured in other countries around the world.

The material of the caro pattern of a real BurberryBag Is impregnated and therefore completely water -repellent or very resistant!

No, you can be reassured! Both spellings can be clearly indicated to the originality of a Burberry or BurberryBag be. It all started in 1856 with the name of the founder and cloth maker Thomas Burberry. A short time later, the name was changed in "Burberries of London" - in short form simply "Burberries". In the collections from 1999, only the name "Burberry" is used.

As in the case of other brands, Burberry, like other brands, is considered a “Horsebit” on the front of a handbag, which is modeled on the bridle (mouthpiece) of a horse. Depending on that, this also serves as a closure.

Depending on the collection, the check pattern of a Burberry handbag differs in the color scheme and in the design of the thickness of the lines used. However, the classic colors are beige, black and red.

Burberry offers a selected range of repair services for handbags, small leather utensils and outerwear. Visit a store near you.

Unfortunately, the classic bag bag that is similar to a Louis Vuitton Noé has not been produced for some time.