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“Fashions fade, style is eternal”

From the Haute Couture Yves Saint Laurents and the "Le Smoking" jackets up to the explosive moments with Tom Ford. The label Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) can look back on a crazy story in which fashion was significantly influenced. Very clear lines, all around elegant and again and again the color black is the style with which YSL shaped the fashion world. In addition to the elegance, his collections also repeated controversies - he was the first fashion designer who used completely transparent substances for his creations. The scandalous was not only that the substances were transparent, but that the clothes were still wearing without underwear. Yves Saint-Laurent revolutionized the fashion world not only with free movement, but also with the first pantsuit for women ("Le Smoking"). He became a fashionable symbol of the women's movement and the second wave of the emancipation of the 60s. Yves Saint Laurent assessed his create as follows: "Chanel Freed Women, and I Empowered Them" His career started Yves Saint Laurent as a student of Christian Dior. In the summer of 1957, Christian Dior decided that his master student once succeeded in his succession, nothing suspects how soon this would be the case. Because in the same year Christian Dior dies unexpectedly at a heart attack. Overnight, the 21-year-old Saint Laurent became the chief designer of a renowned Parisian fashion house. His first collection in1958 was a superior success that made him the star in the entire fashion world. After his extremely successful start, his collections were no longer included with the same euphoria. With a view that Yves rejuvenated the entire collection of Dior, he fell with the older women and the owners of Dior in Disgrace. Even while he was in the French military during the Algerian Independence War, he received the news of his dismissal at Dior. He then launched his own fashion house in 1960 with his partner Pierre Bergé: Yves Saint Laurent. The first Paris Haute Couture fashion house YSL 1966 started a prêt-à-porter line called Rive Gauche. In the same year, he presented his classic Tuxedo suit for women, "Le Smoking". The 1990s were then shaped by changing and mixed results, until conclusively 1999 Gucci took over the fashion label and called Tom Ford as chief designer. Yves Saint Laurent itself moved back from the fashion business in 2002 and died in a brain tumor in 2008.

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the most influential fashion designers and couturiers of the 20th century. He was born in Algeria as a descendant of French emigrants. After moving to France, he learned his craft in none other than Christian Dior and took over the creative direction of the house after his death. The first collection was already a complete success and freed women's fashion from the wasp waist. Yves Saint Laurent was responsible for further pioneering trends over the decades: pants suits for women and the use of jersey in the high -priced segment are associated with his name. He also used transparent fabrics in his designs as one of the first designers. The iconic, Piet Mondrian's paintings from 1965, also declined to Yves Saint Laurent. During his lifetime, Saint Laurent was often called "revolutionary" of the fashion world.

Bags from the traditional French company Yves Saint Laurent usually catch the eye with their clear lines. In combination with shiny monogram details, the bags have their own, elegant design language. It is also due to the selection of materials that the bags are not traded too high priesue. The bags of the label are among the highest quality. Some variants also have a chevron quotation on the outer leather, which grabs and visualizes the initial letter of the first name Yves.

Over the years, many iconic pocket models have been launched by Yves Saint Laurent. The most popular are the pockets of the Chyc Ligne, the Sunset and the Kate as well as the Cassandre series. The models differ in details and are offered in different sizes. The popular Yves Saint Laurent Classic Baby Duffle Bag is a miniature version of a classic weekend. The Mombasa model is also unique: the handles of the bags are mostly made of real horn, have shiny fittings and have been offered in various designs over the years.

The Yves Saint Laurent Show of the Spring collection for men 2023 took place in Morocco in the Agafay desert 30 kilometers outside of Marrakech. Not far away, Yves Saint Laurent lived in the Jardin Majorelle, who is still known to this day because of his extraordinary design. A visit is an absolute must you should be in the area, the building shines in a unique blue and is played around by ocher yellow details. The property is completed by a cactus garden with water basin. It is not for nothing that this place yves Saint Laurent served as a retreat. The scene is created a collaboration to the artist Ed Devlin. An apparently floating, bright ring was made by the designer for the show and shone the stage.