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Sell ​​your Bag

Would you like to offer your used designer handbag a new home? Secondhandbags is the right address when selling your Bag goes. We offer a sale for the following brands:

This sale can be made either as a commission or as a direct sale to us. In the event of a direct sale, the paid price will be deeper and deeper because we take the risk. When selling to commission, the amount will only be made after the sale of the Bag paid out. The following price structures apply:

SOJust let's

Please fill out the form below with the corresponding details. We give you feedback within 3 working days Bag and their prices. On an agreement you can Bag Please send it to the following address at your own risk or bring by appointment.

Secondhandbags AG
Riedthofstrasse 214
8105 Regensdorf

Whether direct sale or on commission: here is our service

  • Examination of Bag on authenticity and Condition
  • Create product photos and articles
  • Promotion on various channels (Instagram, newsletter, Google, online shop, ricardo)
  • Processing of the sale (payment, shipping)
  • Payment of the amount including a receipt

Your tasks:

  • Make sure your Bag in the specified Condition located.
  • Empty all subjects and clean them Bag

If this does not apply, we reserve the right to make a reduced offer or the Bag to return directly.



    Yes. Your Bag must be on sale with us for at least 3 months or until the sale.

    In this case a contribution towards expenses of CHF 300.- is due. On request you will receive the product photos and texts for the Bag as well as a certificate of authenticity.

    Should we determine that your Bag is a forgery, we will charge you a fee of CHF 80. After payment of this amount, we will send you the Bag gladly back to you.