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SecondHandBags Model posing with a Designer Handbag
SecondHandBags Model posing with a Designer Handbag


Purchase on account / installment purchase

How can I select install rates in the checkout?
Choose from the different payment options 'Buy on invoice / facture'. Make sure you enter all your information correctly and leave the mobile number. All information is used by the credit check by our financial partner PowerPay.


Purchase on account / installment purchase
When ordering on account, you have the opportunity to pay the bill completely or in installments. You decide easily only when receiving the invoice. The payment period is always 14 days. Please notice that weather When buying on account with our financing partner PowerPay work together. The entire debt collection and dunning system is handled by our partner, which also carries out an identity and credit check. Since fraudulent orders have repeatedly occurred (other delivery address, postal account), from an amount of CHF 1000.- an additional confirmation with an SMS code is necessary.


Please enter the desired payment amount in the empty payment slip. The minimum payment amount is 10% of the selling price. If you make a partial payment, you will receive an invoice every month until the total amount is settled. The open amount increases by 1% each month. The amount to be paid can be re-selected at each rate. Pro bill is also charged by PowerPay a processing fee of CHF 2.90 (Post) or CHF 1.90 (e-mail).


Complete amount
For the transfer, please use the empty payment slip and enter the complete invoice amount.


Why can not I Bag Buy on account or installment?


For a rejection, there may be various reasons:


  • They are not all year-round
  • You can not find it with the specified address
  • Your personal account available at this time is not enough
  • You are in the late payment
For privacy reasons, we receive no further information from PowerPay in most cases. Please contact PowerPay here for more information.