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Imagine spring arriving and with it a fresh breeze of extravagance and elegance.

The name Hermès stands not only for tradition and craftsmanship at the highest level, but also for a constant evolution that constantly redefines the boundaries of luxury. This spring, Hermès presents handbags that are more than mere accessories; they are an expression of a carefully curated lifestyle in which color, materiality and design come to life in an ode to the season.

A splash of color with the Kelly Selliere 32

An intense red characterizes the HERMÈS Kelly Sellier 32 Red Epsom Gold as a symbol of bold elegance. The textured Epsom leather embossing gives the Bag not only durability, but also a timeless texture that is second to none.

In combination with the radiant gold fittings, the Kelly Sellier 32 unfolds its full effect: it becomes the central highlight of any spring wardrobe, ready to attract attention and make a statement. This Bag embodies a liaison of classic chic and modern luminosity.

The Red Epsom version of the Kelly Selliere is more than just an accessory; it is a cultural statement and a sign of a distinctive lifestyle.

The classic red shade: timelessness meets elegance

The HERMÈS Kelly Selliere 32 Red Epsom Gold represents the quintessence of luxury. A shade that exudes confidence and passion, perfect for spring.

Its charismatic red and gold hardware form a duo of priceless value. The robust Epsom leather also ensures dimensional stability and exceptional durability.

The Kelly Sellier in red is often described as the epitome of timeless elegance.

The use of fine Epsom leather, combined with the precise craftsmanship of Hermès, makes each Kelly Sellier unique. The striking red stands for energy and temperament - attributes that every fashion-conscious handbag lover will appreciate in spring.

Epsom leather and golden accents: pure luxury

The textured Epsom leather paired with shiny gold fittings defines pure elegance and prestige.

  1. HERMÈS Kelly Selliere 32 Red Epsom GoldA fascinating symbiosis of intense red and the shine of golden hardware.
  2. FeaturesThe embossed leather offers durability and shape retention, while the gold-colored accents emphasize the exclusive character.
  3. Finesse and functionalityWith a harmonious size of 32 cm, it is both a visual highlight and a practical companion.Epsom leather is known for its resistance to scratches and the effects of the weather.

The first-class workmanship results in a timeless silhouette - an investment that will last for seasons.

Pastel magic with Kelly Retourne 32

The HERMÈS Kelly Retourne 32 Pink Togo Palladium presents itself as a delicate masterpiece of springtime color play. Pastel pink finesse, wrapped in supple Togo leather, exudes an aura of youthfulness and freshness that gently accentuates any outfit. The characteristic retourne design gives the Bag a softer, more casual touch compared to the Sellier version, without losing any of its class.

In combination with the palladium-plated fittings, a "casual chic" look unfolds, which is reflected in the curved lines and softer bag structure. Ideal for everyday wear or as a stylish accessory for festive occasions - the Kelly Retourne 32 Pink is an ode to carefree elegance. The exquisite workmanship, which is a Hermès tradition, and the contemporary color scheme make this handbag an indispensable companion through the spring season.

Pink Togo: femininity in spring

The HERMÈS Kelly Retourne 32 Pink Togo Palladium model embodies the quintessence of springtime fragility and femininity. In a hint of pink that captures the warmth and delicacy of the season, this creation radiates pure joie de vivre and adds a delicate touch to any ensemble.

The pink shade flatters numerous skin types and outfits.

The HERMÈS Kelly Retourne 32 is characterized by its exquisite craftsmanship and is a dream come true in Togo leather. Every seam, every curve reflects the commitment to quality and durability that Hermès connoisseurs appreciate.

This exquisite handbag combines grace with practicality. It is not only a magnificent statement piece - its structure offers enough space for the essentials a lady carries with her. Whether for an elegant appearance in the evening or as a sophisticated element on a stroll through the city in the spring sunshine, the Kelly Retourne in Pink Togo embodies the ideal image of a dynamic, self-confident woman who sees her femininity as an expression of individualized elegance.

Palladium hardware: modern meets grace

Palladium hardware is a significant detail that combines elegance with contemporary design, creating a harmonious symbiosis of tradition and modernity.

  • HERMÈS Mini Kelly Vert Fizz Epsom Palladium: Bold color scheme meets minimalist elegance
  • HERMÈS Kelly Retourne 32 Pink Togo Palladium: Feminine flair combined with classic cool metallic shine
  • HERMÈS Kelly Sellier 32 Red Epsom Gold: As a contrast, a golden hardware that radiates warmth and extravagance

The palladium accents in particular represent a timeless aesthetic that elevates the spring collection to a new level of luxury.

The shiny palladium hardware offers a modern touch and enhances the luxurious appearance of each handbag.

The Berline Mini: A compact statement

The HERMÈS Berline Mini 20 Anemone Swift leaves no doubt about its fashion statement: compact, yet unmissable. With its intense coloring in anemone, a deep purple tone, it combines sensuality and sovereignty in a contemporary design.

It is more than just a handbag; it is a symbol of exclusive mobility and design intelligence. The compact dimensions conceal a well thought-out interior, the Swift leather quality promises longevity and the clear lines give the Berline Mini 20 character and authenticity.

An accessory that is both visually charming and practically convincing - ideal for bringing out the colorfulness of the Spring collection elegantly.

Anemone Swift: Underlines every spring collection look

The HERMÈS Berline Mini 20 Anemone Swift with its rich purple hue is an exquisite choice for accentuating springtime wardrobes. Style-conscious handbag lovers will appreciate the intense coloring that adds an exclusive touch to any outfit.

In a season characterized by renewal and colourfulness, the high-quality Swift leather of the Berline Mini offers a luxurious highlight. The intricate workmanship reflects the master craftsmanship of Hermès, while the linear silhouette exudes contemporary elegance. The palladium hardware creates subtle contrasts and underlines the value of the creation.

Within the design, functionality is intertwined with a seamless aesthetic. The compact format houses a cleverly designed interior that offers enough space for the essentials without sacrificing a slim shape. The Berline Mini thus stands by its wearer in any context: unobtrusive but present.

The fusion of Anemone Swift with the iconic Hermès style makes the Berline Mini an essential companion for any fashion-conscious woman. Its combination of impeccable form, functional elegance and eye-catching color creates a fashion experience that captures the pulse of the times and is also a long-term investment. An accessory that not only welcomes spring, but celebrates it.

Versatility in mini format

The Hermès spring collection includes mini models that shine with maximum sophistication in a compact design.

  1. The Hermès Berline Mini 20 Anemone Swift makes a stylish statement with its bright colors and urban flair.
  2. With the Hermès Mini Kelly Vert Fizz Epsom Palladium is a colorful highlight that also exudes classic elegance.
  3. The Hermès Kelly Selliere 32 Red Epsom Gold represents a noble combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern color intensity.
  4. The delicate feminine touch is provided by the Hermès Kelly Retourne 32 Pink Togo PalladiumEach of these creations offers a unique wearing experience that will impress both in everyday life and on exclusive occasions.

Small in size but big in impact, these bags bring the values and craftsmanship of Hermès to the world of the fashion conscious.

Mini Kelly Vert Fizz - A green spring dream

The Hermès Mini Kelly Vert Fizz Epsom Palladium is a tribute to the freshness of spring. Its lush green reflects the vibrant colors of nature, accentuated by the finely grained Epsom leather, known not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its durability. Palladium fittings lend the Bag modern touch while emphasizing Hermès' signature precision and excellence.

This exquisite model combines functionality with an unbeatable visual presence. Its compact size makes it the ideal companion for everyday wear, while its unique play of colors and timeless style ensure that it is an eye-catcher at any spring soiree. An essential accessory for any sophisticated wardrobe.

Explosion of color with Vert Fizz

A rich, vibrant green - the Vert Fizz of the Hermès Mini Kelly is the definition of a colorful renewal for every spring wardrobe. The color scheme evokes associations with the awakening of nature, the bubbling of a fresh spring spring.

The radiance of Vert Fizz gives every wearer an extraordinary radiance and symbolizes growth and optimism. The exclusive color, contrasted with palladium hardware, complements the exquisite Epsom leather, prized for its durability and fine grain. This combination gives the Mini Kelly a presence that radiates self-confident elegance both in everyday life and on special occasions.

With the bright green, Hermès makes a bold statement in contemporary design. The Mini Kelly in Vert Fizz shows how traditional craftsmanship and vibrant, modern colors create a harmonious overall look. It is a symbol of the brand's innovative strength, skillfully combining tradition and modernity.

The creation in Vert Fizz transforms the classic Mini Kelly into a fashion statement with character. It combines the craftsmanship of Hermès with a color that not only captures the pulse of the times, but also represents a positive attitude towards life. This handbag radiates a unique vitality that perfectly matches the life-affirming mood of spring.

Epsom and palladium: a duo for trendsetters

Hermès is a master at merging leather and metal to create a symphony of elegance. With the Kelly Selliere 32 in red the textured Epsom leather and shiny gold fittings come together to create a look that is both timeless and avant-garde.

This Bag confidently underlines the status of any fashion afficionada. Palladium, a metal of unparalleled purity, adds a cool touch to the arrangement.

In the Kelly Retourne 32 in Pink Togo this metallic element is used as a palladium fitting. Here, the softer Togo leather with its noticeable suppleness forms a pleasant contrast to the precision of the palladium.

No less impressive is the Berline Mini 20 in Anemone Swiftwhich, in addition to its compact shape, impresses with its combination of graceful Swift leather and radiant palladium accents. The vibrant Anemone color adds an attractive color accent.

We experience a dynamic explosion of color with the Mini Kelly in Vert Fizz Epsomwhich brings a breath of fresh air to the collection with its palladium fittings. The striking color scheme and high-quality material make it a real eye-catcher. Bagthat makes an impressive impression both in everyday life and on festive occasions.

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that Hermès is able to skillfully take timeless classics such as the Kelly Bag to new heights with these creations. Value and sophisticated design make each of these bags a must-have for stylish, fashion-conscious handbag lovers.

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