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Chenier @ vogue forces of fashion 2022 London. / Photo by Secondhandbags
Obsends to be excellent with IMG Model Candice: Our Secondhandbags Member of the Chenier was on site in London Bei of the Vogue Forces of Fashion Conference. / Photo by Secondhandbags

Every year the Fashion Magazin Vogue organizes the Vogue Forces of Fashion Event. The event takes place in different cities around the world and welcomes spokesman and audience in New York and Mexico City and London. The annual events are facing the latest trends and challenges of the industry as part of panel discussions and have already taken place for the sixth time this year. Chenier of Secondhandbags Was on site in London and collected impressions. The first introduction to the event already gives an idea in which direction the industry is developing and what problems are increasingly on the screen of those responsible: 

"After several years of change, which ranges from stormy to long overdue, the big question in the fashion industry is indeed great: where are we now - and where do we go next? We will discuss how designers and creative people Breaking the industry with the past and taking sustainability, diversity, social responsibility and a stronger representation more than ever in their creativity. It is a whole new world for fashion - and all of this is up for discussion. "

11:00 “Fashioning A Greener Future”

The day is clearly organized and the mood is good. The prospects for a long lunch break between the speech blocks for personal exchange ensures good views in addition to the already exciting topics. The size of the fashion industry is present, the list of other invited influencing sizes made of lifestyle and pop business is long. Even the first round of talks on stage goes into one of the most exciting and most relevant topics for the future, the sustainability of the fashion industry.

Photo by Secondhandbags
Decorated and ready for another round of exciting diversions: this year's venue of the Vogue Forces of Fashion Events in London. / Photo by Secondhandbags

It starts at 11:00 a.m., the exact title of the first round of talks: “Fashioning a Greener Future”. European Vogue Sustainability Editor Dana Thomas Ask questions to Sabrina Sadiq from Luxury Promise, Kering’s Chief Sustainability Officer Marie-Claire Daveu, Mother of Pearl Creative Director Amy Powney and Rachel Reavley by Hardly ever Worn IT. The line -up is evenly positioned: both voices from the first hand fashion industry and representatives of the booming second -hand market have their say. The desire of customers for sustainability and social tolerance is no longer a diffuse trend, but has become a reality. For luxury groups, it is more important to make the right decisions for the future than ever. New startups go hand in hand with these new ideas and manage to create a remarkable market volume and to inspire customers individually and apart from the latest collection. So it is a good sign to hear in addition to plans for the future about successes that have already been achieved. Working conditions in the industry and often questionable ecological tolerance are now scared of many customers before buying products, transparency, honesty and a real goodwill for many are the be -all and end of today for many. 

Circular business models with high -priced fashion & accessories will continue to be predicted in the future. Sabrina Sadiq from Luxury Promise confirms this in conversation and is proud of the success of yours Online Shop With new ideas such as live shopping, the implementation of which is a new type of TV shopping. The advantages are clear: streamlined TV shopping does not offer a live interaction and the handle to the listener is necessary to order an order. Pretty Oldschool. If you shop online today, you can ask questions in chat and also know how many people at the same time take a seat in the digital boutique. In addition, there is the likeable way with which the participants pursue their work and the authentic specialist knowledge with which the virtual fashion shows are explained.

Many online retailers for Neumode Marketplaces have been offering the sale and exchange of fashion items for a while. The fan base for this branch is increasing steadily. The offer of both fashion variants makes sense: sustainability is related to the company and at the same time the customer's wish for authentic second -hand fashion is answered. Forums for the exchange with each other and for mutual assistance with questions about trends and care are also increasingly being used. The community idea is another trend that will shape our shopping environments in the future. Being part of a group is human and can also offer help and protection virtually. What the herd thinks also provides information about trends.

Photo by Secondhandbags
View from the square: In addition to Chenier, one of our most beautiful bags was also present. Hermès Kelly 28 with folding hardware. / Photo by Secondhandbags

Hermès Kelly & Birkin Bags Secondhandbags:

12:00 “The Power of Inclusivity in Beauty”

At 12:00 the podium is occupied, it remains no less exciting: the topic now means “The Power of Inclusivity in Beauty”. In conversation with Jessica Diner, Global Network Lead and European Beauty & Wellness Director in the service of the British Vogue, Charlotte Tilbury and Sabrina Elba, face up Successful young entrepreneurs in the beauty area. They illustrate how important the right values ​​and their transfer to the outside world are for a company today. Beyond article numbers, every product has a story to tell whether new or old is secondary. Satisfied information for customers is credible and transparent. This is best done if these values ​​mediated are considered by the complete chain of relevant actions. There must be no longer a secret drawer in the future, investigative journalism and attentive customers are increasingly aware of here. It also has to be the goal of the future to work inclusive and not exclude anyone due to unnecessary hurdles. In the high -priced segment, the very high price hurdle is of course often difficult for everyone to master. Nevertheless, good design should be able to address and convince everyone and do not have a deterrent. This is best done with a language that everyone is talking about. It is often more important to let the good impression hike quietly and quietly, over time people who want to recognize the value of a product and who want to/can pay the justified price.

Photo by Secondhandbags
In an interview with Jessica Diner, Global Network Lead and European Beauty & Wellness Director, Charlotte Tilbury MBE and Sabrina Elba stand up in the service of the British Vogue. / Photo by Secondhandbags

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15:15 “Lensing Change”

At 3:15 p.m. it goes under the title after a break "Lensing Change" further: Nadine Ijewere introduces her experiences as a photographer in the fashion area and describes her personal demands on good and contemporary photography in conversation with Kate Phelan, Contributing Fashion Director of the British Vogue. Nadine Ijewere was born in London and is one of the most sought -after photographers in the industry. In 2018 she was the first Woman of Color responsible for the design of a Vogue covers. Her own experiences are reflected in their work and illustrate their claims to help shape a fashion world that includes everyone and transports a message of peace and global togetherness. Classic ideals of beauty are questioned in their work and people are shown how they are in their range: very different and not without flaws. Working out these points and offering natural beauty in all facets are among the great achievements of their young legacy. A narrow degree, how open is our society for that? How much glossy does it take to be successful? How far can I go so as not to be accused of provocation? Nadine Ijewere is carefully implementing and choosing her ride, you can feel that. The beautiful thing is: pictures say more than a thousand words. And good pictures are remembered. Nadine Ijewere's work subconsciously shows the red card for the exclusion of all kinds and struggle to emotion every viewer. Those who get doubts about their own ideas will feel that they feel and feel the growing forces including thinking. And hopefully the next time you look at one of your ride, draw a slightly different conclusion. Beauty is elegance in all its variations given by God.

Photo by Secondhandbags
Chenier with fashion photographer Nadine Ijewere. /Photo by Secondhandbags

Hermès Kelly & Birkin Bags Secondhandbags:

Photo by Secondhandbags
During the breaks, there was an opportunity to have a breath - and explore the surroundings. / Photo by Secondhandbags

17:00 “Runway, Red Carpet and Beyond”

At 5:00 p.m. the line -up on the stage changes again after a tea break: On the subject of “Runway, Red Carpet and Beyond”, Edward Enninful, Editor in Chief of the British Vogue with Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director at Valentino. He gives an insight into his work at the traditional Italian house and represents its experiences with limits of what is feasible. Sometimes the goals over the top must be formulated in order to in the end to implement a good compromise between wish and reality. How important it is to “stay tuned” and not to rest on already achieved is the core message of Piccioli. He also provides the following price about his personal career: 

“I always loved the cinema and dreamed of becoming a film director during my youth. When I discovered fashion and its narrative power, I decided to become a designer. For me that was the natural development of a dream. ” 

Never Stop Dreaming and Keep Learning Par Excellence. Piccioli says the following about his work at Valentino and his goals for the traditional house: 

“I am interested in the idea of ​​humanism that feeds creativity. The human connection that forms this house is the best possible team for me. Here I discovered that there can be no innovation without a deep knowledge of tradition. At the same time, I know that the sense of limits that grows out of this awareness gives you freedom to think about how to cross them. In total, this will be the new direction of Valentino. A human story, personally and yet unanimously, of a story that still has to be written. ” 

We can be excited!

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19:00 “A Pop and Fashion Sensation”

At 7:00 p.m., the interlocutor changes from Edward Enninful and a special shine meets the room: Dua Lipa, one of the most successful pop artists of our day, gives an insight into her everyday work. It lists what it means to be a lot on tour and how such life is on a trip. She also represents the creative processes in her work. It is not just about her music, the meaning of fashion and pop culture also aptly describes it as a mutual interaction. Wherever a stage is, a little should be shone. Dua Lipa stands for a style that picks up different influences, interpreted and skillfully brings together. Chanel Jäckchen about Jeans and Bini Top speak the language of a new generation: Mix and Try to Match! But mix it! A certain comfort for Dua Lipa is also in the center. Dance performances are often part of their stage shows and require that musicians and actors can move freely. You shouldn't be dressed too warm, whoever took a seat under the light of several headlights for a while will understand it. This too can be formulated as a trend: Mini Rock and Jeans for women were achieved that are now far ago. How can we work in the future and in what form can we make fashion more comfortable and fairer? How much suffering can be to be the most beautiful? Dua Lipa Veftel a natural, modern form of fashion and would probably never swap a few of her sneakers for a tight corset. She is right. Not only will the stage design of your next tour are uncompromising.

Photo by Secondhandbags
From the stage with interlocutor Edward Enninful, editor in Chief of the British Vogue: Dua Lipa is one of the hottest pop stars of our day. / Photo by Secondhandbags

The day is coming to an end. Many guests are noticeably inspired. It is to be hoped that the many good ideas of the event bear some fruits and find sustainable implementation. The fashion industry has the great chance of giving increasing good impulses with its ideas in the future and formulating values: More color in fashion as a signal for multicultural exchange, which cite patterns and fabrics of further cultures and do not tear too much out of the context, to name just two examples. 

If you want to be there next year, you can also follow the events online live on the stream. Vogue also offers the opportunity to use a special one On demand passport to follow all conversations a little later.

Photo by Secondhandbags
An exciting day comes to an end: ours Secondhandbags Member Chenier is inspired by the articles and soon makes his way back to Switzerland. / Photo by Secondhandbags

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